You’ll soon be able to get a haircut in Ontario’s lockdown zones, but should you? | Bogoch explains

Dr. Isaac Bogoch says that indoor activities still remain 'much, much more unsafe' as Ontario changes lockdown restrictions.


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    1. @Rodney Zirpolo about adults, you shouldn’t speak unless spoken to by an adult. Now go to your room

    2. @Tuberculosis Dan Just because you think they are unjust, does not make them unjust. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

  1. Those responsible for bad health advice like the food pyramid, mass obesity & opioids shouldn’t have this power

  2. We were told masks work. The person getting the haircut is wearing a mask. The person giving the haircut is wearing a mask. So what’s not safe? This is about control.

  3. Get this “doctor” off of the news. He loves being on TV so much he will say anything for another appearance

    1. They always use the same ‘experts’. Someone better keep track of their names when things go bad with these vaccines.

  4. The Doctor isn’t losing his business, should bring up a graph of bankrupt businesses, that’s disturbing

  5. wear your hands,
    wash the mask
    flatten the inside
    say curve
    we’re in this normal
    welcome to the new together

  6. lol so now it’s labeled as “more deadly”.. I exactly said that when they said “New variants more infectious”. Their next label is gonna be “more deadly” I guess my tinfoil hat was right about that too..

  7. Going about your daily life was never a privilege granted by the “civil SERVANTS” who’s salaries WE, THEIR BOSSES PAY!

  8. Notice it’s been a year and they have not allowed one doctor out of the thousands world wide saying this is a huge over reaction? Just sky is falling, trust the models doctors. And models have been wrong every time.

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