25 Comments on "Young voter: I’m excited to see what my vote will accomplish"

  1. Ahhhh … I though Erin had melted

  2. Vote Blue X 2 Georgia ! Rebuke the GOP.

  3. Republicans killed their own party by rejecting the $2k stimulus.

  4. *Let’s go to the comments and see what the experts think.*

  5. His whisper voice is creepy. 🤮

  6. SenpaiDel Smaragd | December 28, 2020 at 10:31 PM | Reply

    Nothing. Our vote does nothing. It is the supposed electoral college votes that matter. Government is bought and paid for by the biggest corporations. The big pharmacy company’s own a extremely large part of the government too.

  7. I’ll never understand people who label themselves red or blue. What a waste.

  8. Black church: follows science, wears masks and practices social distancing. Doesn’t attack the Republican candidates.
    White church: no masks, shoulder to shoulder, attacks Democratic candidates.
    As a white girl, I stand with the Black church that displays integrity and follows the science.
    The white church’s behavior stands in stark contrast with everything Jesus taught and embodies. They make a mockery of the very One they claim to follow. I’m embarrassed to call myself a Christian and be lumped with these hypocrites.

  9. Edward Mercedes | December 28, 2020 at 10:46 PM | Reply

    So now Christian pastor, are campaigning, while giving their sermons? “Are they Multitasking!?” I say: stay away from those pastors. Trust me, you would want to be struck down for being in the vicinity of the pastor. This is a place of worship! labeling themselves with a conservative party, that goes against the words of Christ.

  10. I thought there was a ban on political campaign activity by churches, but it seems that churches are pretty politically involved. Maybe it is about time to take away their tax exempt status.

  11. There is the undeniable hypocrisy of Evangelical Christians, people who once made moral character, and especially sexual fidelity, central to their political calculus and who now embrace a man of boundless corruptions. Don’t forget: Trump was essentially named an unindicted co-conspirator in a scheme to make hush-money payments to a pornstar who he had an affair while Trump was married to his third wife, who had to just given birth to their son.

  12. Trump dodges question over whether any past partners had abortions
    Asked by Maureen Dowd whether he was ever involved with anyone who underwent procedure, Trump replies simply: ‘Such an interesting question’

  13. The fate of the nation rests on Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoff elections. Who could’ve ever imagined? The fight to make things right isn’t over Democrats; we must get out the vote BLUE again! And again in 2022…and again in 2024…etc., etc.! To set our nation back on the path of decency, democracy, and progress, keeping it there, will require serious dedication and commitment from us; we MUST NOT allow ourselves to become complacent, anymore! Too much is at stake.

  14. Pence brand of evangelicals are neither moral nor faithful. Only opportunists.

  15. @2:02 lol, did he just say “vote Christian?” What is that supposed to mean?

  16. Hey I’m not racist anymore as of Jan 20th. All thanks to Joe! Thank you, Joe! 😂

  17. U.S. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin said, “Man will ultimately be governed by God or by tyrants.” When a culture abuses its democratic power, the result is chaos and ruin. Either a democracy, guided by self-control and morality, keeps itself in check, or it crashes. When the crash happens, control falls to a non-democratic system, either willingly or by force. Cultures that drift from Christianity tend to drift from “true” democracy into other, democracy-flavored political schemes and, eventually, into subjection to tyranny. If you are Christian please compare the actions of the tyrants currently in charge, to the Beatitudes, in Matthew 5. Then read Matthew 7:15. How did trump and all the money/trump worshipers get to power? They do not represent my Jesus, they need to be voted out! Abortion is a sin however, so is the total disregard of all other human life!

  18. Black churches will rise up vote Blue we will come out vote take Senate Hello and Amen

  19. JourneyMan Smitty | December 28, 2020 at 10:57 PM | Reply

    Love attending all black churches not because I’m black is because they’re so much love and energy there😆🙏

  20. Ok, what happened to the young voter that was excited to see what their vote will accomplish? Headline, “Young voter: I’m excited to see what my vote will accomplish” nothing in this peace addresses that headline. CNN 😂🤣😂

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