Your neighborhood restaurant may be reopening but it will look different

Your neighborhood restaurant may be reopening but it will look different 1


What should you expect when you go back to your favorite restaurant after the coronavirus shutdown?

As the U.S. reopens and summer approaches, cities from Tampa, Florida, to Las Vegas to Portland, Maine, are opening sidewalks and closing streets to create large al fresco or plein air dining rooms. They hope this nod to the bustling cafe culture of Paris and Rome will help Americans feel comfortable eating out again and help restaurants begin to recover from staggering losses.

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7 Comments on "Your neighborhood restaurant may be reopening but it will look different"

  1. Palmstream_0825 | May 21, 2020 at 9:57 AM | Reply

    What happened to restos (short for restaurants) being opened for takeout only during the pandemic?

    • The pandemics been blown a bit outta proportion they admitted to artificially amping up the Coronavirus virus numbers of the death tolls.

  2. I work at a restaurant in North Dakota and it’s nothing like that,. No plexy glass anywhere,. Everyone waits up by the front door to get there carryout or to be seated,. Nothing gets cleaned throughout the day either,. Only menus get cleaned, and customers need to ask for condiments,. Boss took three tables out of the bar area but main restaurant is the same and Cinco de myo and mother’s day where super busy

  3. Antonio Tillman | May 21, 2020 at 10:42 AM | Reply


  4. if capacity stays low, prices will sky rocket soon…

  5. 😱🤨😞

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