1. Being in a situation and saying ” I might die if I do this”, and then doing it anyway…. is much easier than saying ” I need you to do this, and if you do, you might die”.. Heard this translation recently from an interview when asked about the rumors that there were hundreds of assassins in kyiv the day the invasion began and he decided to stay despite the west telling him to leave. He was talking about keeping people in Bahkmut.

    1. @Spectre Spartan huh, what does that even mean? if it’s just a bad joke, it doesn’t make much sense

    2. @Tim Smith I don’t remember where but seen some about what you wrote regarding strategically draining resources, but not that much about it.. but thank you for some information

  2. Every country has the right to self defense. The cycle of aggression from Russia, must end . The unwanted interference in all our countries, in Georgia, Moldova, Belarus , Kazahstan etc..MUST END .
    Respect for all Ukrainians and all helping them to defend Ukraine .

    1. @Brake Check Neckface yes for sure children were the threat that’s why Usa bombed them ! You are hilarious 😂

    2. @Elena this is about amerikan spl interests. So far BlacRock & JPMorgan have met with Ze-slime-ski and visited Ukraine. The background plan is to divide up the land then parcel it off as was done in the Middle East right after WW2.

  3. Predictable replies before the questions finished. Let’s face it there’s no chance of peace talks

  4. I keep hearing the conditions for victory is them leaving Ukrainian territory.

    I very much doubt that would be where it ends (just like how the Cold War lasted long after South Korea got its territory back).

    I mean hell I can think of another issue right now that would mean “them leaving the territory” wouldn’t solve. What about these facts -> https://youtu.be/7rhKfsEgKaA and Ukraine saying Russia kidnapped people.

    I mean Infographics said it very well here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntDCHvVKzE4&t=424s
    And RealLifeLore in this segment -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1WFrsz4g14&t=1048s

    So, if you take the fact (this war is more over people than territory), well then Russia gained more people so far than it has lost.

    I’ve even heard a Russian politician say; “Russia is it’s people, more than its land”.

    So, all that said I can very much see a scenario where Russia leaves and then Ukraine says: “No sanctions lifted until those people come back and Russia pays reparations” and well, like in the middle east I can still see drone strikes then happening (i.e. not an active invasion, but attacks of military nature etc).

    1. Well… I don’t see Putin’s Russia respecting international law any more than pulling out of Ukraine on it’s own initiative, unless Russia no longer suddenly is Putin’s Russia and they’ll go through a fundamental political realignment in the process.

    2. ​@Katoshi Takagumi This is how I see it too. I’m just really, really wondering if Russia has it in them to become a true democracy.

  5. The show time is closer to the end while both US and EU getting into economic trouble. Hope Ukraine able to have good ending instead of unrealistic dream.

  6. When the host begined the interview by implying China is a threat, President Zelensky basically said: Hey, that’s between the US and China. Yet, the ticker in the bottom said Zelensky urges China blah blah…

    1. @Let the flames takeover the fact that this, is up. I will finally stop, because it finally let me get my message across.🤮I’m not trying to be mean, this is what your actions make you

    2. Note there is YouTube employees, getting PAID to do this….🤮that’s the American dream?

    1. @PTREK BOX BREAKS hows libya working out for you lol oh i forget you couldnt even step foot on it now 🤦‍♂️

  7. I admire the translator, he actually says it with emotions as expressed by President Zelensky and not just typical monotone translation

    1. Speaking emotionally does not mean telling the truth. All these techniques of the actor Zelensky mislead people.

  8. Nice Wag the Dog interview. Are you going to have a villager run through the shot with a Calico cat?

  9. So in essence, Selensky only wants to enter peace negotiations after Russia effectively capitulates, with the prospect of getting disarmed and eliminated as a powerful force in Eurasia. That is not possible without making NATO a part of the conflict and that belies his words of being interested in containing and limiting the war.

    1. It is already a war about all or nothing, so get used to it. It is that just not every weapon has been used so far, luckily!

  10. The problem is : it is not only putin.. When I hear the statements of that Lavrov guy, then I understand, that there are more from those criminals like him that around putin… Indeed the only way to get rid of this evil is defeating them, how hard it will be still.. There IS indeed NO other way..!!

  11. Zelensky has aged so much during this last year. Every country needs a leader like Zelensky. I watch “UATV English” daily, their presenters are amazing! It’s a news outlet funded by Ukraine so it’s reporters reporting during this war in their country. Zelensky does a daily address. If you’re interested in Ukraine good news coverage https://youtu.be/EdKWY7P7dWg
    He’s my favourite reporter. Every reporter should report news like he does!

  12. The endgame, for Ukraine is establishing peace with Russia by giving up Crimea and the Donbas

    1. The endgame is, Russia assumes Ukraines’ entire landmass all the way to the Polish and Belarusian borders.

  13. It ends with tens of millions in his bank account. He could care less about Ukraine. Give him an Oscar!

  14. I really feel bad for Ukraine. They have a president who violated a treaty with Russia and now they suffer the consequences. They think they were wrongly invaded but weren’t. People are dying and all he cares about is looking good.

  15. I remember Blitzer, during the dc sniper thing in the early 2000’s, wearing a trenchcoat in front of a blue screen like he was hot on the case. I cannot forget that nonsense.

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