1. They look like a bunch of trained seals, clapping and applauding all the money they are going to make.

    1. @Mitch Thompson Did you read the Little Golden Book “Everyone Who Thinks Differently Is A Republican Russian Asset” ?

    1. cough cough Iraq, cough cough Afghanistan. America spent 2 trillion dollars bombing 3rd world deserts to “spread Democracy.” If Ukraine had oil, USA would suddenly care about preserving Ukraine’s Democracy.

    1. You’d still find a way to complain about him. I can already picture it:
      “Ree Trudeau’s not doing enough about (blank)”
      “But i thought that’s what you wanted”

      There’s no winning with Trudeau haters, no matter what he does you’ll always whine.

    2. @Rinzler you had to edit a two word reply.. something tells me you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed pal

  2. This is embarrassing, they are clapping while a Nuclear missile is flying straight at them. Blind, leaders of the blind!

  3. The only thing coming out of Nancy Pelosi’s mouth that I would find believable is that she feels privileged- for whatever fashionable at the moment.

  4. thousands of volunteers, and billions upon billions of dollars of aid isn’t enough. ” do more. ” easy to say when you’re not footing the bill.

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