Zelenskyy asks NATO for help after one month of Russian invasion | USA TODAY

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy addressed NATO from a video call, asking the alliance for help as Russia continues their invasion on the country.

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Zelenskyy addressed the NATO summit by video from Ukraine, speaking shortly after the emergency summit was opened by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, according to a senior administration official who described the closed-door gathering on condition of anonymity.

The official said Zelenskyy also did not ask for Ukraine to become a member of the alliance. Russia is opposed to Ukraine joining NATO, one of the conditions Moscow set in the failed negotiations before troops invaded Ukraine.

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    1. not to be rude but what does this have to do with the video? or with the ukraine war? not that i dont care, but im confused why this is in a comment on a video about a war

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  4. Zolenski is not a shrewd politician. He does not understand the dark politics that happen behind the doors in Washington , Brussels and Kremlin. Ukraine has become a victim of Geopolitics between US NATO and Russia.

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