1. Zelenskyy you are the greatest leader in the history of all leaders period . Zelenskyy you are Gods chosen one to fight for freedom !! You will defeat the evil Puttin

    1. @Doom Slayer It’s a shame no one can look further back than Feb. 22. They need to look back at 2014 and at the Minsk agreement to find out the real truth.

  2. Zellensky spoke very well before the British Parliament the other day and recieved a standing ovation.

    1. Of course he did because they’re all part of the same team wanting to achieve the same outcome ! Deary me catch up dearest ✌️❤️

  3. For those emotionally signaling on social media that their heart goes out to Ukraine…
    Take the rest of your body with that heart and go to Ukraine and fight for them.

  4. For those who are eager for the US to do more about Ukraine (namely, declare a no flight zone, send jets, troops, etc)
    I have important information: they are accepting volunteers to go there. Have you enlisted yet?

    1. There are many more ways to help over there aside from the front. No troll here. Small Town American who hates to see thousands of innocent people killed. Could care less about the politics!

  5. Honestly in my best opinion Presidents should just fight Toes to toes instead of thousands of people and then they will be in shape

  6. As a long acute care nurse, I can see in his eyes and feel in his passionate speeches to his coun trymen and to the world the agony, frustration , hurt and the magnitude of responsibility President Zelensky has in his shoulders in trying to save his country and people . May God Almighty help him carry if not takeover that enormous burden. Prayers for a strong resolve and conviction to do what is best for him to protect his country’s freedom and democracy.

  7. how about selling

    as Green light for trading planes with Poland and USA already known by whole world

    business as usual, business deal
    not military assistance from USA

  8. For President Z play American propaganda movie Red on a loop. I looked up if wolverine’s existed in Ukraine. Seems it’s rare. Great metaphor for fighting Russian Bear. Just an idea. As in nature the fearless prevail as in the Wolverines protection of the den from a bear.

  9. He should be really grateful that the Ukranians haven’t officially been exposed to any escaped deadly pathogens from any of the 30 US clandestine bio engineering labs in their country yet too.

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