Zelenskyy thanks Biden for ‘symbolic day’ after meeting in Ukraine | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden made a surprise visit to Ukraine ahead of the one-year mark since the full-scale Russian invasion began.

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While most of Washington slept, President Joe Biden arrived in Kyiv around 8 a.m. local time Monday aboard a train that traveled overnight from neighboring Poland.

The dramatic display of solidarity with Ukraine was the culmination of months of planning by a small team of administration officials. A final decision came in an Oval Office meeting Friday to move forward with a secret trip to war-torn Ukraine ahead of the one-year anniversary of Russia's invasion.

The historic mission posed extraordinary risks. Although presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama made surprise visits to Afghanistan and Iraq, this was the first presidential trip to a war zone in which the U.S. did not have a military presence.

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    1. Like trump made us so much better… economy was in the tank, mass unemployment, thousands of deaths… yeah he left it so much better than when he got it.

    2. first off, Tucker Carlson is a serial lying cheat. Nobody should believe anything he says, especially since FOX had to admit that “any decent person would know to not believe Tucker”.

      Second, how are we making him richer? When they say “$15 billion care package”…. they aren’t actually sending $15 billion in cash to Zelenskyy…. it’s $15 billion worth of military equipment

    1. Are you going to make peace with somebody that’s in your house shooting you? You can make peace with them after they get out of your f****** house.

    2. @M Ewing Ukraine was invaded in 2014 and they’ve been fighting to get them out ever since. They’re not killing ethnic Russians. You’re brainwashed by Russian propaganda and believe anything the Russian Hitler tells you. Looks like you’re the puppet.

    1. You do realize that we have a whole department that has been working on the Ohio disaster? Biden, from the start, was apprised of the situation and was given options on what could be done. They are in constant contact to make sure everything that can be done is being done. Do you expect Biden to go to Ohio and directly supervise everything when he has experts to do that? There are hundreds of things to do every day and other disasters to be prevented. Most people can get more than one thing done in a day. I am going to a class. But before that, I will be dropping off donations to a few places and getting something to eat. I will be doing a slew of other things after that. Bet you can multi task.

    2. @Tricia CNot my point, my point is that Biden shouldn’t even be in Ukraine while he has a country that’s falling apart. Do you live under a rock do you not see how bad of a condition this country is in and you’re backing the senile dude that has done what for this country exactly?

    3. @Tricia C I agree with you and Biden did call the governor and told him give him anything he needed. But let’s not leave out the company that was actually responsible for this. They need to pay for every thing since they’re the ones who are to blame for this. And I think initially they had a meeting and the company spokesman didn’t show up because he said it wasn’t safe. And as I understand that these brakes on these trains are from the Civil War era. And this company makes billions and instead of making things safe they did company BuyBacks and money for the shareholders. Let’s put the blame where it belongs on greedy companies who don’t care about anything but their bottom line.

    4. @Tricia C I see you have a habit of adding ridiculousness to people’s comment threads. Ignorance and naivety don’t excuse lying in order to promote your anti-American agenda.

    5. @Tricia C I see where you’re trying to go with this and I get it but let’s put it to a different perspective for you. Let’s say you have a kid and he falls down his bike and gets hurt. You see he’s in pain and bleeding. THEN across the street the neighbors kid falls down too and is crying. Do you first run to the neighbors kid before you go off and attend your own? That’s how it is with this situation. First take care of the issues here. Go visit the people in Ohio. Even if it’s for a shoulder to cry on—- go take care of things here before you run off and deal with other countries issues (THATS NOT OUR OWN)

  1. What will happen to us after he gives all our tanks and equipment to them. Also the continuously giving of money. Our people in Ohio need help. They are our people and we need to take care of our own country. There is no country that would help us. Biden makes my anger get so higg

    1. @Diane Grinder
      Dont trust or respect him.
      Here he is in the Bible.. Dont have to be Christian to see .. Just read with comprehension.
      Proverbs 6:12-19
      A worthless person, a wicked man, Walks with a perverse mouth; He winks with his eyes, He shuffles his feet, He points with his fingers; Perversity is in his heart, He devises evil continually, He sows discord. Therefore his calamity shall come suddenly; Suddenly he shall be broken without remedy.
      have to be Chri

    2. the people in ohio ARE being helped fool. oh wait, you have no idea how anything works…that the president doesn’t need to be everywhere for something to happen…LOL what a child.

    3. @Diane Grinder
      Not much on comprehending words, are ya? ..if you can use a dictionary, use one please. But to each his own.

    4. ALL our tanks and equipment? It sounds like you don’t know the extent of the mitary equipment we have and will also be replacing with new. Research it. Also, look up all that is being done in Ohio. More than one thing can and is being done at a time, and that is why we have different departments for everything. That’s the beauty of having someone in office who is extremely experienced and hired experienced people for their departments. Look up what we have done already for Ohio. There are absolutely other countries that would help us in the future, and that has helped us in the past. Look up the help we got after 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf Oil Spill, to name a few. We have great relationships with our allies, and that is partly because of work done by Biden in his capacity as Senator for decades, then as Vice President and now President. It was just continuing on a good relationship when he became president that had already been established. It was like good business associates getting back together to work toward a common goal. Seems you are not keeping up with current events, like what is really being done for the Ohio train derailment. It is a horrible thing. It seems it could have been prevented. That is on the train company. What I understand of the issue, they should have inspected their rail cars more often. They will hopefully be made to pay for all of this. A regulation was removed by the prior president that made those who cause these disasters not be required to clean up their messes. It was always a good regulation to have in place as it was a deterrent to companies to be lazy and only out for profit. Before that regulation, we taxpayers had to pay for clean up and all the other expenses. The rail company and anyone else at fault should have to pay, not us. How do you feel about that? Do you think those who cause these issues should pay for their mistakes and neglect, or do you think us taxpayers should? Why don’t you look up what all Biden and his administration have done for our Country. You may be pleasantly surprised. Again, that goes along with research. It’s important to be well-informed. Maybe try PBS News. They are quite neutral and are a true journalistic group.

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