Zelenskyy vows ‘we will fight’ as Russia attacks Donbas region | USA TODAY

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is preparing to defend the region of Donbas against Russian forces.

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Russian forces on Tuesday continued their new offensive in eastern Ukraine after launching attacks on cities and towns along a 300-mile front with renewed focus on the Donbas region.

Both Ukrainian and Russian officials acknowledged Tuesday the war had entered a new phase. Ukraine’s military said “the occupiers made an attempt to break through our defenses along nearly the entire frontline,” while Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said the goal was "full liberation" in Donetsk and Luhansk.

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  1. CNN Jake told Zellensky that you could die during this war.

    Seems this guy’s not gonna survive Russian invasion.

  2. There is a unique thing about this president which I really admired. His courageous/ never give up spirit.

  3. “We will fight! We will all die! We will watch our women and children die! We will watch our country be destroyed! And it will all be for a senseless and completely losing battle!! Go Ukraine!!!”

    1. @Joshwithcurrys Russia already won 🏆 👏 all they need is odessa an I give them less than a month

  4. If you want to know more about what’s going on in Ukraine, check out these channels and journalists:
    the Grayzone,
    Patrick Lancaster,
    Max Blumenthal,
    Aaron Mate,
    Richard Medhurst,
    Scott Ritter,
    Gonzalo Lira,
    Jimmy Dore,
    George Galloway,
    the Duran,
    John Mearsheimer.

  5. This man Zelensky has blood on his hand, I blame him for everyone that died. All Russia wanted was Zelensky and his corrupt government to surrender. No one would have been killed. I blame the war all on Zelensky. He will cause ww3 to start where millions will be killed, all because of Zelensky . “There is nothing greater than to lay down your life so others can live.”. Zelensky is not a hero, where’s all that money (billions and billions of dollars) going that was sent to Ukraine. When Russia finally takes Ukraine, where will all that money be hiding.

    1. More like Zelensky’s puppeteer. This dude is a comedian, no political experience or aspiration whatsoever. Just a spineless spokesman for whomever behind the scenes.

  6. Z E L E N S K I-💩👂💩👂💩👂💩👂💩👂💩👂💩💩👂💩👂💩👂💩👂💩💩👂💩👂💩

  7. Putin can only be stopped by the military defeat of Russian troops in Ukraine, and therefore it is urgently necessary to provide Ukraine with heavy types of offensive weapons: fighter planes and front-line bombers, tanks, armored personnel carriers, long-range howitzers, anti-ship missiles.
    Ukrainians are now defending not only themselves, but also other European countries, since the seizure of Ukraine is only the first point of the plan to fulfill Putin’s ultimatum

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