10 People Killed In Shooting At Boulder Grocery Store | MSNBC 1

10 People Killed In Shooting At Boulder Grocery Store | MSNBC


Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold says 10 people were killed, including  Boulder police officer Eric Talley, in a shooting at a King Soopers grocery store. Aired on 03/22/2021.
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10 People Killed In Shooting At Boulder Grocery Store | MSNBC


    1. @Rodrigo Arzaga “Pfftt! Dumb conservatives! Don’t they the FBI is their friend?” Said no sane person EVER

    2. @Getschwifty Superschwifty I did NOT mention him in my main post. Nobody gives a crap about him except his cult and faux news

    1. I imagine that’s how Trayvon Martin’s family must have felt as well as other survivors of lost loved ones.

    2. @Opinan Los Jóvenes RD – Le estas hablando a un latinoamericano acerca de Latinoamérica, y te aseguro que lo que sugieres acerca de leyes y de pistolas no tiene fundación en nuestra realidad. Por ejemplo, toda Latinoamérica no es ni un país ni una cultura singular. Además, no se puede comparar el crimen en Caracas, Venezuela, con el crimen (o con la falta de crimen) en San José, Costa Rica, sin hablar acerca de la falta o de la presencia de una infraestructura de leyes y de gobierno. O sea, en una cultura al momento se respeta más la plata, y en la otra la ley. Lo que has escrito, mientras que es divertido, simplemente no tiene realidad, y te deberías avergonzar, sugiriéndoles a los yanquis que Argentina y Mexico y Colombia y Honduras son más o menos iguales.

  1. I will never understand how such evil can consume the mind of a human. May those taken too soon rest in peace.

    1. @Ramen Curry Nothings impossible once you set your mind to it. I bet some of the big rigs out there could take out a classroom.

    2. @Leon Kennedy Look at other countries at their mass shootings and mass terrorism deaths and compare the rates to USA. Nice try though

    3. @Ramen Curry What they don’t have in firearm death they make up in other areas like knives. Did you know in a bunch of African countries you can own a full auto for the price of a chicken?

    1. @Jason Sharpe Although the majority of gun homicides are committed by pistols, 25% of mass shootings involve assault riffles. As for banning knives, I’d much rather be attacked by someone with a knife than a gun. I’m not advocating for guns to be taken away from licensed gun owners but it seems reasonable to have universal background checks, close the loophole that allows people to bypass background checks through private sales, ban assault rifles, high capacity magazines and bump stock attachments. If you don’t think this would help reduce gun violence then what would be your solution? Or do you believe there’s no issue and nothing needs to change?

    2. @LLG Gunderson in my state you have to pass a background check , waiting period , and provide proper identification . You cannot be a felon and own a gun in my state . You can purchase a firearm from someone else but you must get it registered . Or else , it is an illegal firearm . If you are caught with an illegal firearm , you become a felon .
      I think we can both agree that person to person purchases should have more laws regarding reducing the amount of guns transitioned into criminals hands .
      Mass shootings, as horrible as they are, only make up close to 2% of gun deaths.
      A large majority of mass shootings are not reported by the mainstream media. The majority of mass shootings, such as the “ 7 in 7 days “ , are related to gang violence . I distinctly remember one of the drive by shootings this week in which NONE of the individuals shot ( I believe there where 5)complied with the police .
      Now when you say assault rifles , are you speaking about all rifles ? Such as hunting rifles ?

    3. @LLG Gunderson if you were educated in firearms , you would know that taking away bump stocks does not help anything , really at all other than the person shooting the gun .
      In reality , according to history , countries that take firearms away from their citizens almost always result in mass deaths . China, Germany , Cambodia , I can go on if you’d like .
      I would also like to add some knowledge for you . AR-15 does not stand for assault rifle . It stands for armalite -15 and it is the civilian version of the military’s M4. AR -15 are not automatic nor three round burst . They are single fire , or as our president likes to call it , fully semi-automatic which is redundant in itself .
      AR-15 are necessary for home defense against multiple intruders( try shooting 3 armed men with a shotgun) , hunting , and of course , defending the American way of life from foreign and domestic threats ( many of which have way more fire power than our AR-15) .

    4. @LLG Gunderson I believe there are some issues . One , be it that I believe in order to conceal carry, you must receive the proper training to know when, where , how , for what , to shoot .
      Unfortunately this has its issues as many lower income families that live in impoverished areas need to be able to defend themselves . Many do not have the time off work nor the extra funds to pay for this ( let alone an insurance tax of 800$ a year).
      I believe the issue is with access to firearms education and safety for if more people were armed and educated , many of these mass shootings could be put to a stop .
      I also believe the problem is mental health . Firearms , just like knives , cars , and planes, are all tools . It is the person that uses it that chooses how to use it .
      Mental health has been stigmatized in this country and our inability to help a populous ( whether it be prescription drugs , counseling, or education) maintain their mental health is a huge issue .

    5. @Jason Sharpe I’ll admit, the problem is far more nuanced then I assumed. This is not a topic I’ve spent a great deal of time researching and clearly I need to look into it more. I’m just frustrated because I see a problem that keeps getting worse and so far there have been no good solutions to address it. At least none that have actually been put into practice. But I appreciate the amount of detail and information you provided. I’m going to resist making another comment on the subject until I’ve done more research.

    1. @Indy and Jazmin Daly courage? They sit around doing nothing 90% of the time. There are professionals who are in far more danger day to day. Only difference is they don’t expect people to treat them special at every turn.

    2. Hero my foot. Cop probably slipped on a grape in the produce isle and accidentally shot himself

    3. @Don Timberman,so speaks one who has never had to feel the pain of losing a family member sacrificed in the service of their community or country. And it’s spelled daily.

    4. this is the most pathetic comment again and again, year after year. I bet next year similar comment again.

      fxckin hopeless

  2. Heartbreaking
    I’m thankful that the police chief showed some real emotion. I wish this had been the case in Georgia with the racial charged shootings. We were all told the shooter had a bad day and was fed up. What a difference here. I wish the Boulder police department well as well as the families of those that were murdered!

    1. Why are these the only murders that matter. If a cop kills a minority or if someone psychotic killls a dozen people. These are rare killings.

      This happens every week in Chicago. Why don’t they get any sympathy & mourning? 1/2 the killings are unintentional innocent bystanders including kids. But not a word.

  3. In California we share the grief of the Boulder PD and Chief Herold. God bless and comfort this community.

    1. How bout Chicago where they average about 20 murdered a week. Also 264 cops were killed last year.

      Selective outrage is media driven.

  4. This police chief has so much heart and compassion such a real person ,my heart breaks for all who lost there lives and there families

    1. Are “men” not considered for police chief anymore? Seems all you see is lady police chiefs, I’d say that’s sexual discrimination.

    2. @iAmRight I’m sure she didn’t get to the position she’s in by being weak. Showing empathy when a tragedy occurs is not weakness. She was not crying or breaking down. Making an anonymous comment about firing a police chief essentially because she is a women is weak.

  5. So sad that people were just going about their day and end up dying because of some stranger. Condolences to their families and friends. RIP

    1. @connor rigdon If you’re walking into a building to shoot it up, a little beeping noise isn’t going to stop you at the door. Maniacs like this shouldn’t get their hands on a gun at all, period

    2. If you just use the statistics and show that the VAST majority of gun violence is caused by handguns, and the number of those that are illegal in the first place, their arguments against rifles is clearly agenda driven not fact.

  6. this is so heartbreaking because it’s so common. bless that officer for protecting lives. and my heart goes out to anyone who lost someone tonight.

  7. Thank goodness we have a competent police chief. If she said “the shooter had a bad day” I swear I would lose it.

    1. So “he was paranoid” is way better than “he had a bad day”? Because thats whats being said about the shooter now.

    2. @errgsd Okay.If that were true,then you Repubs should have no problem putting him in prison for life or the death penalty.

    3. *FBI FACT* Close to 90% of all mass shooters vote (or have voted) for the Democrat Party. Another FUN FACT, only 3% of ALL gun homicides are committed by persons who have a gun license. And yet another FUN FACT, more Americans die in auto accidents each year than by guns.

    4. @connor rigdon you do realise that an amendment is just that? You Americans have changed lots of constitutional laws before. Why should gun ownership be more sacred than others

    1. Chicago alone averages 2-3 people murdered every day. The response to these psychotic people is not proportionate.

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