1. Prayers and sympathy from the UK. I really hope the US gun loving Republican Senators are touched by seeing and hearing these testimonies. I ‘hope’, but I fear they are too far gone with their worship of money and power to care about dead children. So Sad 😞 😢😢😢

  2. What this brave little soul did is exactly what I teach my daughter.
    Repubs: what another shooting?? I hope the gun didn’t get hurt!…… Oh and the children.

    1. @Cyrus Scheid he would have had to shoot hundreds of rounds to accomplish that… The 556 round isn’t some Supernatural bullet that destroys everything in its path…. That’s why NATO forces are replacing it with the 6.8 Creedmoor… whatever the shooter did in Uvalde…. Could have been done with a handgun or a shotgun just as easily….standard ar mags holds 30, 20, or 10…. and I’m sure there are some others… you can get a 34 round magazine for a Glock 19…. almost the same rate of fire…. Both semi-automatic…. and if you think a 9 mm 125 grain hollow point is something too sneeze at, I got news for you…. bullets were designed to destroy living tissue and damage vital organs…. that’s what they do…. but how is that any worse then being killed with anything else? …..Like being run over by a red Mercury Mariner while walking in a Christmas parade in Waukesha…dead is dead

    2. @Bobby Sherridan Why don’t you tell us about muzzle velocity? Tell us about what the MCX Spear will do when it starts showing up.

  3. The fact that a random person was able to get into the school so easily, the police not taking action fast enough, and an 18 year old was able to legally obtain an assault rifle is just beyond insane

    1. @Abernathy Darwin Dunlap

    2. @NYCLIBERAL, why are you trolling my previous comments and calling me derogatory names in them?

  4. That was hard listening to her explain the ordeal she went through, I saw strength and sadness beyond measure. God be with all the children and teachers that went through this, supply them the strength they need each day. 💔🙏🏼

    1. @Jack Saloman If you don’t believe in God just keep scrolling. Besides if you read the post it says God be with them, not God was with them.

  5. As a citizen of a country with little gun crime, virtually no gun deaths, no armed police etc, I’ve yet to hear why any responsible pro gun advocate would object to assault weapons of war not being sold like candy, in the name of personal defence. Apart from common sense checks and limitations on the types of weapons ordinary citizens can buy, surely there should be mandatory training which you need to pass before you have the weapon in your hands without supervision. A car is a weapon capable of mass killing. You cannot buy a car and drive it on public roads without passing a competency test, 3rd party insurance and being medically fit.

    1. We’re an embarrassing country in this regard, really. We refuse to learn from any experience, and the success of any other country because to many of these idiots grew up being fed the rhetoric about how, “we’re the best,” etc.

      We are a very young country in comparison to most, and we have a lot of unlearning, and learning to do.

    2. we need better background checks that should include mental health and internet post. we have people that think jfk is coming back and fell for the big lie.

  6. This is absolutely heartrending. I hope this girl gets lots of help and love to cope with this. But the fact that she was able to report it so composedly gives me hope.

    This has to stop. This is no way to live. And the answer is not more guns.

    1. @Tim I am very sorry I feel really really sorry after all it’s not your fault you were born at the wrong time. I know you should’ve been born somewhere between 1850 and 1950. It cannot be easy for someone like you to have to live in a somewhat more enlighten time.

    2. @Bigirishchef you’re angry. But it’s not your fault. The spirit of your mother has made a home in you. Your need to forgive your mamma and be free. You’ve seen the destruction that single mothers have brought on to their children. Children need fathers. Fathers leave your mom, not you. You have no right to judge anyone, you’re not God. Forgive your mom and dad and then sit still.

    3. @Tim this is a joke right? If it is not a joke I would encourage you to go and find help.

  7. In that situation, I cannot imagine being able to think of using someone else’s blood to make it look like you’re dead. Smart and brave. When children are asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, the answer should never be “older”.

    1. Absolutely! They deserve to feel secure and safe. No child should fear being killed in mass shootings. It’s ridiculous. They should be thinking about their future. I totally agree.

  8. The only possible good that can come from the brave children survivors of this, is I’m sure it will inspire them and some of their generation to be activists for gun reform AND mental health reform. And they are remarkably strong.

  9. This is heartbreaking. We need to do better, keep our kids safe. Someone who likes assault weapons isn’t more important than the security and happiness of our future, our children.

    1. @One-Eyed Yeah and if everyone else was blind you’d be king. Instead you look like an unpaid shill for the firearms industry. One eye blind in your head.

  10. The images that she has to live with now for the rest of her life is just a nightmare! How do these law makers look at these innocent children and not do something to stop these kind of monsters from killing them????? Guns need to be kept out of these psychopaths hands period! No amount of mental treatment can cure evil 👿!

  11. No child should have to go through this! We have to fix this y’all and protect our babies my God! 💜💜💜💜

  12. The only people hearing his pain was people who have a soul. He’s not going to find that in Washington.
    Sorry for his terrible loss.😞

  13. Heartbreaking. Doesn’t anybody understand that those weapons are not necessary and can only cause incredible and irreparable damage 😢?

  14. The courage to speak on her own behalf probably will give her a lot of strength. She’s a strong honorable person, who deserves the highest regard, and deserves the right to do what she wants in her life.

  15. The very definition of a hero. This young lady, and all victims, and survivors are unfairly shouldered with an incredible burden.
    We as a nation know better, but we refuse to do better. We MUST do better. How many more innocent lives will be lost before we get serious and say enough is enough?

  16. That is one brave little lady, may America stand behind her and the all the other countless survivors that have been through these horrible crimes to humanity.

  17. Her presence of mind in a horrific situation is incredible. Such a resourceful kid, no one deserves to go through that.

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