$124M of Gov't Funds Unaccounted For | Mental Health Act Under Review - Oct 13 2021 1

$124M of Gov’t Funds Unaccounted For | Mental Health Act Under Review – Oct 13 2021


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  1. 124 million and wi no have no road to drive pan!!!! Why do we continue to put these people in parliament and refuse to hold dem accountable!!!?????

    1. Well Jamaicans don’t try to find out who they are voting for before they vote. Because if they were checking their candidate before voting.They would not vote for Andrew. There are some good people from Spanish Town. And Andrew is not one of them. From you look at him you see thief mark on him,

  2. U guys should be a dam SHAME of unnu selves for even the transparent of this curruption, although i know there is more dead bodies than that.

  3. U know how much children in Jamaica that could help with going back to school online classes tablets etcholy crap

  4. Wow, wow! Why am I not surprised about hearing this? And no one will be held accountable. There’s a name for all this corruption. Lawless, lawless, lawless

  5. The auditor general needs a massive renumeration……..she’s the only individual in the government that I trust…..

  6. Another 9 day wonder… No accountability, only alternate facts and a little misappropriation of funds. Woe be unto unnu.

  7. $124 million unaccounted for and yet still the children cannot get laptops or tablets.The Government of Jamaica has not purchase tablets or laptops they have all be donated to Jamaica. Disgraceful, all those involved should be facing prosecution including all their assets seized and travel documents seized. Why are these people continuing to use our taxpayers money to benefit themselves or do as they like. Corruption, corruption and criminality no one going to prison.

  8. So much money wasted… and teachers getting mediocre salary. Smh… Can’t blame the teachers for leaving. Sorry for Jamaica.

  9. YUH KNW SEH ANDREW HOLNESS NEED FI RESIGN! BIG and SERIOUS. How many times we gonna hear about these kind of corruption

  10. The auditor general I appreciate the wonderful work to highlight dishonest people to public attention I want to commend her and the wonderful job she’s doing next stop the parish council the water commission national works agency every government agency I want this lady to go in and dig undercover a lot of things are in the dark need to come to light I believe every government employees the US embassy should revoke each and every one Visa just cannot be trusted

  11. I am going to ask the prime Minister for the very last time every government employees must subject to a lie detector test

  12. The organization and all of these people should send home with a tracking device to track and remove their make

  13. Linstead hispital needs help with beds and sheet and it also has.a lot of space to be used instead of over crowding Spanish town Hospital that money could be of good help

  14. The minister of education who overseed portfolio and a day-to-day she should be replace Miss Williams is doing a very poor job

  15. , ohhhhh so instead of doing him job properly and responsible ANJU find time to take over the health minister job !!
    Seems as if this is apart of his great crime plan
    You know how much pikney that money could have helped with devices and internet ??
    But no man he is so invested in going here and there to bully us and insight segregation between the medicated and the none medicated , the worst part about this is that he will not do anything about this . Put them in prison and let them pay back every red cent . Kmt disgusting.

  16. Shower them yes. They never say what kind of shower. Only God Almighty give us showers of rain and blessings.

  17. The good news is that the Auditor General’s department have done their work. Now MOCA needs to act and the DPP needs to prosecute.

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