13 injured in shooting at popular entertainment district in Austin, Texas | USA TODAY

Two people were in critical condition but as of the news conference at 4 a.m. local time, no one had died, interim Austin Police Chief Joseph Chacon said.
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The shooter or shooters remain at large, and detectives were working rapidly to view an array of video gathered by bystanders and other cameras near the scene to identify any suspects. Authorities say the shooter appears to have fired randomly.

Among the 13 people injured, 11 were in stable condition and two were in critical condition.

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  1. My friends sister was supposed to go there for a friends birthday, they ended up not going because the sister got tonsil surgery about 3 weeks before and her throat started to bleed so they went to the hospital instead. So glad they didn’t go.

    1. My baby sisters cousins best friends aunty Sharonda didn’t make it because she went to KFC and they were closed.

  2. I lived in Austin as a young man back in the mid 1970’s. It was a sweet little town of college kids, corrupt state politicians, locals, and outdoor music venues. I met my wife in the old Armadillo World Headquarters dancing to Asleep at the Wheel. Living was cheap and easy. But then the call went out all over the nation, “Come to Austin – it’s paradise on the Colorado River.” Now it’s just another overpopulated, overpriced city (more expensive than NYC) full of narcissists all trying to out cool one another and dangerous crazies. It brings to mind that old line from an Eagles’ song. “Call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye.”

    1. leftist progressives ruined it.. like locusts, they ruin a town/city and move on to the next one.

    2. @Smok33 You’re calling him brainwashed for pointing out the fact that leftists are fleeing democrat states like California to conservative states like Texas and just like a seagull, shitting all over it? What exactly is brainwashed about that simple fact?

  3. You could hear the pain in the cop’s voice. I hate shootings so much 😢

    1. @Sign in for The best experience you should see liberals. They have “liberal” in the name yet they want to take away rights. Irony

    2. @Sign in for The best experience You people need to stop with the MAGA cultist crap. You are going to push us to a Civil War and cause more division.

      Don’t think your words don’t have an impact on others around you. Keep it up tho, I am sure you won’t push the Left and Right more further apart.

    1. @CHIEF TAHCHAWWICKAH well its a good thing I dont give a f**k what you or anyone thinks. Im from America. I am an American citizen, thus IM AMERICAN!

    2. @Ronald Dorsey That’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the media covering for one race and dragging the other through the mud every chance they get

    3. @Ronald Dorsey Nobody said white people don’t kill people, too. They simply mentioned that the media ONLY tells you the color of their skin if they’re white.

  4. If you are new to Austin, you need to understand that while 6th street is fun (if you like music and alcohol), violence is often there. Every weekend after 10pm most people hang out here are young, drunk, and have too much ego. You will always hear about a fight or two, or witness one during those hours. Most people would just watch like it’s a show. Make sure you educate your loved ones about the safety in this area. It really sucks.

    1. @Dazed but not Confused I just want to know, how were you able to get out of that straightjacket?

    2. @Paul Rossi

      Lol…Obviously none.

      Jackson and every other leftist do a great job of letting us all know what abject misery they live in.

    1. @Swahilisack415 you lost me bro. Are you saying the police are lying and the suspect was not black?

  5. I used to go there all the time when I was at Ft. Hood. It was awesome back in the late 90’s.

  6. When did the news media start calling wounded people “injured people” and why? makes it sound like it was just an accident.

    1. @John Hanes I see what ya mean. Although if someone dies from bullet ‘wounds’, it seems awkward to say fatally wounded vs fatally injured or that the injuries were/became fatal. I dunno.

      Most journalists get into grammatical and proper usage of English language with these things. I’m theory they are aware and know how best to relay information with or without coloring or misconstruing the information. In this case I think the wording was morally sound with intent to be raw or direct about the reality. That’s my take on it

    2. @Jeff Padgett It was always mortal wounds or mortally wounded, fatally injured or fatal injuries as I recall.

    3. @Damien Ostler

      Tell that to any war vet.

      Ask them, “were you injured?”

      Watch them laugh at you for thinking someone fell off a merry go round.

    4. @Jeff Padgett

      I have no idea if there’s any semantic motivation or not.

      All I know is I grew up around a few Vietnam and Korea vets and if you mentioned any of the wounded as injured, they’d tell you there were no playgrounds over there.

      So this verbiage leaves me guessing.

  7. 6th street I can see nothing has changed! Of course the 24/7 news has finally caught up to whats been happening for years!! This place is a “wannabe thugs” paradise!!..

  8. The shooter most likely never took a gun safety or training course, did not have a concealed carry permit, had a felony charge against him at some point and was on parole with several arrest warrants. How many gun laws were broken here?

    1. @Erica Miles That makes no sense. No they aren’t. Who is “they”? Because if the government started taking people’s home defense shotguns that would only prove our point that we need the 2nd amendment. Military veterans wouldn’t stand for it. Mass Military boycott would ensue. They dont get paid enough anyway! Whats the difference!?

      Take all guns away from American citizens who follow the law so they can do nothing against Southern California and Texan Drug Cartels and Street Gangs who buy smuggled guns, build their own or order Darkweb Ghost gun kits. You are a fool, if we had Civil War 2 you’d be dead dead lady.

      What do you do against a home intruder? I’m curious. Your home alarm doesn’t mean anything if he’s armed and already has you within his guns range, guns easily fire through the average suburban home wall. You would be taken as a hostage, killed or worse if that intruder wasn’t some desperate young man from the hood but is instead an unhinged, experienced criminal. Your ideology sets yourself up for victimhood.

    2. @Kiefin ITreal I ain’t the one who’s gonna take them, Joe is going to take them. You better not F with those folks, you seen what they did to those in Nazi Germany. You are wayyyyy to deep now, its GAME OVER 😴

  9. Almost thought it was a JRE fan sick of spotify and he lashed out against some comedy venue…. any day now.

  10. Wait… the suspect is still at large and they are having a media event, under bright lights, in the open right where this “mass shooting” occurred? Sounds legit to me.

    1. Do you really think the guy would come back? He may be a killer but he’s probably not an idiot.

    2. What is wrong with you? You really think the way you think amounts to critical thinking or intelligence? How pathetic & lonely you are, mad at the world for not loving you. Take a class, get a job, participate in life and grow up.

  11. I wonder if these news teams know that running these tragedies so much helps raise the rate of them. There are sick minded people that will go and do something similar for the infamy. Yes it would be great if we lived in a dream world where things like this never happen, but as l typed, that is a dream world. Report on it and maybe on the survivors. Just stop giving the perpetrators any air time, other than when looking for them. Stop as soon as they are caught.

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