Delta flight forced to divert after 'unruly passenger' was detained | USA TODAY 1

Delta flight forced to divert after ‘unruly passenger’ was detained | USA TODAY


As the number of flights continue to increase, so do the increased number of "unruly passengers" as another flight was forced to divert after a man needed to be detained by passengers and crew.
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A Delta Air Lines flight was forced to divert Friday because of an unruly passenger, the latest incident in an uptick of poor passenger behavior across airlines.

Videos posted to Twitter show a scuffle near the front of Delta Flight 1730 from Los Angeles to Atlanta. Delta spokesman Eric Zeugschmidt said crew and passengers helped detain the unruly passenger, and the aircraft landed “without incident" in Oklahoma. The passenger was removed by law enforcement.

The plane landed around 10:30 p.m. in Oklahoma City, according to Delta's website.

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  1. Any of these guys want to be cops? they managed to subdue a person without shooting them or beating the hell out them.

  2. Interesting. Every time I take a flight I show up as orange and I get the full pat down at 62 years old.
    I am not a threat. I wonder why this passenger was not flagged. SMH!

  3. This must have been very scary for all the people on board not to mention the children – this is why you SHOULD NOT be able to purchase alcohol In airports or on actually on the airplane.

  4. I bet one of the ones that subdued this unruly passenger was an air Marshall. They all kept their cool. Refreshing to see no bloodshed.

  5. Unless absolutely essential for business or in case of an emergency, why would anyone in their right mind want to fly on a commercial airliner today??? As recently as a decade ago these were fairly isolated incidents. Now they are occurring almost daily with the violence escalating. Yes, removing alcohol might mitigate some of these situations. Bear in mind however,that many of these people are jazzed up before they even board the plane. Additionally, gate agents are usually so busy and overstressed that unless someone is stumbling drunk, it’s often hard to identify them and prevent them from boarding. Enforcing the already punitive laws is the only real solution. Currently it is a federal offense to interfere with a flight crew and/ or a commercial airline flight. These incidents already carry punitive fines and jail sentences. The problem is many of these cases are routinely dismissed or pled down as the airline doesn’t want to deal with the legal cost or bad public relations. This only further emboldens the bozos that want to get on planes and engage in this egregious conduct. Mandatory fines and jail sentences would resolve a lot of these problems. Also, if a person engages in this type of behavior on an aircraft they should also be banned from flying for life. Without some type of punitive measures, civility will never return to commercial airline travel again.

    1. No one has a private jet or had the 24-72 hours car ride time to travel. So what’s your solution ?

  6. Another example of the chickens coming home to roost…America’s true character bubbling up to the surface.

  7. That guy on the far right trying to tape the incident instead of helping out. He probably didn’t want to get his “pretty bleached blond hair” messed up.

  8. Once again shows how flight attendants DO NOT guarantee our safety and us passengers have to do the work for them.

  9. this reminds me of the CSI Las Vegas episode (SE1 EP9) “Unfriendly Skies” where the Unruly passenger had undiagnosed encephalitis ….

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