$13m in Ganja Seized Off Clarendon Coast | TVJ News – April 28 2022

$13m in Ganja Seized Off Clarendon Coast | TVJ News - April 28 2022 1


    1. What ever the country, is big business profit off ganja not the small man, so is not that Jamaica is behind, when the big men have their license they do it legal the small men don’t have that opportunity so they have to hide and do their thing.

    1. You laughing who trouble you but the whole a dem a the same thing pot a curse kettle say them bottom black 不屢.

  1. Puzzles me the lengths these law enforcers go to seize Ganja but cant find the same means to seize criminals raping, murdering and kidnapping kids. Ganja was and still is a major part of Jamaicas culture. Rastas for religious purposes, Bob Marley on the tourists board with a big head inna him mouth all outta airport. So we advertise it and profit off of it as a business, but thru the youths them swing it and not paying taxes its illegal?!

    1. I wish I would triple liked your comment. This is why we need and must fight the same system that continues to divide us. We will never learn until we unite because we want the same things for our family

  2. The Ganja in Jamaica is spacial and is very important to Healing the World. FREE the Herbs let it reach the World

    1. Indeed I totally agree with you why do US is legalizing marijuana dont understand why Jamaicans government are not doing the same thing they legalize everything else so much profit they couldve made from this Herb

  3. Domino effect, right before the plead deal from the cop busted abroad…what a coincidence, ah well…what a gwaan fi COVID ???.

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