Cash Seized by Police in St. James Could be More than US$7M | TVJ News – April 28 2022

Cash Seized by Police in St. James Could be More than US$7M | TVJ News - April 28 2022 1


  1. JOB 8:21 MSG


  2. Him couldn’t give me some first in my life me see so much usd all me kn h going away for long

  3. THANKS TO OUR FEASTING OFFICERS – Yes! the officers that are eating under the 2 foot table business, are getting the job done, these feasting officers are the most professional , & logical thinking officers on the force, May God bless our wonderful JA sisters that allow these officers to feast.

  4. I read some of the comments i don’t understand the sence it make
    Is this the kind of Jamaica we want drugs sailing in and out of Jamaica, It bread criminal activity, do you want to see a Shower Passive operated in Jamaica has they was in the US during the 80th you don’t want to put that on top of the crime we alread having on the Island.,The money can be machine courted with a camera over head ,All the money can be put to good use ,to improve modern technology eve droping communications for the Police Dep. purches Medical equipment for hospital it not a means to upheld illegal drug activity are any form of corruption, but i know the money not be burne.

  5. Why they don’t show the person face who live there who have all of that monry? Bet you a big big man this but they will show the small person face like the police woman and others but the bigger set of people dem hide their faces.

  6. Who is the owner how his name can’t call 😃😃😄😁😁😁🤣

  7. Who counting it let’s hope them pockets empty and are u sure that’s the correct figure them find ? Lol 😆

  8. Tell me now all of those police were Angels send from heaven none of that money is not missing really please

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