151 People Still Unaccounted For In Florida Building Collapse | MSNBC 1

151 People Still Unaccounted For In Florida Building Collapse | MSNBC


Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava confirmed that 151 people were still unaccounted for in the continuing search and rescue operation for the Surfside building collapse. The mayor also said that another body was recovered today, bringing the death toll to 10 people.

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151 People Still Unaccounted For In Florida Building Collapse | MSNBC


  1. Hopefully some are still alive but unfortunately it’s a given that after 4 days of tons of concrete and metal crushing them, most are dead! RIP

  2. Apparently, some people can’t add. 9 Bodies have been found, so it should be 142 people still unaccounted for.

    1. It was 1 dead, 159 unaccounted for. Eight more bodies have been found. Eight plus one equals nine total known deceased. 159 – 8 = 151 still not accounted for. Math.

    1. @Garry Morton nope. they just talk about what great job is being done. not updates. dodge and weave updates are what they are.

  3. I want to offer my pointless thoughts and prayers to everyone. Now we can’t let the dems get a win with the infrastructure bill.

  4. I expected the majority of lower levels were occupied. I doubt there is no more than 1 or 2 lucky survivors in the lower levels. The amount of weight from the above floors pancaked anything below it.

    1. why the lower levels? all the weight of above and hit with speed and you think the lower levels there are any survivors?

  5. Miami’s NYC 911 Moment. Hundreds of Souls, lost in a crushing, violent moment. Prayers & thoughts are with their families.

    1. not lying. they trying dodge having to say certain words of the obvious. use of repeating words like ” searching for survivors”, rescue workers are doing a great job. we have the best sniffer dogs in the world and on. dodge and weave.

  6. Republicans: “no infrastructure! We must strip regulations. Home owners and HOA must make their own decisions without government intervention!”
    *building collapses because the state no longer mandates residental buildings to be up to code*
    Republicans: 🤯🤡

    1. @A D I have a condition where I must post comments excessively. Please stop shaming me for my condition. Ableist.

    2. @Conservative Interrupted all u post is conspiracy theories, praise trump, hate on dems and praise Putin… Lol 😂

  7. these “updates” are not. just the authorities say what great job they and the search teams are doing.

    1. And only find 10 people in 5 days, which is less than 10% in about a week, how many days do they think people can live under dust… I don’t get why they are so inefficiency

    2. @Soldmate咻的槑特 when the slabs are touch each other don’t expect to find survivors and it is not a pile of round rubble. All large slabs on top of each other , difficult to dig through. Can’t slip cables under and lift.

    1. @Jay Gibson Because there are still 151 people still unaccounted for, probably buried under a pile of rubble.

  8. Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
    Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,
    And prudent in their own sight!

    1. People like you will always blame the Republicans for everything !
      You’re a lost cause !

    2. Ironic right?!?! There’s no time to waste either…Before bridges, elevated pedestrian ways, and highways, besides 50 yr old Surfside Bldgs. ALL start collapsing..So Sad.

    1. It’s not shameful!!! Rescuers can not perform miracles or risk their own lives…. for idiots who just…stand around complaining!

  9. Who does the buck stop with? I’m sure the building had clear inspections and someone checking off on them. All I hear is a lot of bullshyt

  10. I’m sure as Governor, Desantis knew about this building and its problems ..After all, isn’t he the Governor?

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