19 states see rise in Covid-19 cases amid reopening and protests

Top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC are warning that the coronavirus pandemic is not over and recommend that Americans continue to take precautions such as wearing masks.


  1. Its not realy surprising is it that Covid 19 going though the roof. Time to break out my Hazmat suit.

  2. That Trump rally in Tulsa will result in many cases & Trump is making attendees sign waivers absolving him of responsibility for their catching Covid 19.

    1. @ennie minee no the virus doesnt effect them it supports the movement lmao thats why no one is mentioning the rise due to the protest

    2. @New User
      just pray trump gets it and no vents for him
      he can see what its like to choke like Mr Floyd.

    3. This liability waiver will never stand up in court. It is an adhesion contract with an unconscionable provision. The disclaimer might dissuade people from suing, but those who sue will win.

  3. Lol. “The virus is a hoax….but sign this waiver so that I’m not responsible if you get the virus … that doesnt exist is a hoax..but dont sue me in case your grandpa dies from it!!”
    Donald Jennifer trump

    1. Grandpa, Grandma, brother who has heart disease, sister who has Lupus or another auto immune disorder, next door neighbor who’s fighting cancer, daughter who has asthma, nephew who is obese, and perfectly healthy and fit son who may die of a heart attack or stroke.

    2. @GreenIdLady 1 All of which are American Dreams,All of which are American Dreams…Know your enemy…

    3. Left argument: The President is willingly putting his people at risk.
      Right argument: He’s dumb enough to think covid actually exists.
      I literally don’t see how anyone, no matter how cynical, can support him anymore.

    1. @LOUE BLACK The top ten deadliest states for Covid are ALL democrat states. This is with regard to the number of per capita deaths. So your dumb little theory that MAGA hat wearing people are dropping like flies couldn’t be further from the the truth. By hey, “sure sign they are moron” according to you.

    2. Oh… You mean stupid like listening to advise the media and cdc? After getting literally everything wrong. Does that mean all the unemployed people struggling to provide for families are stupid too? The protestors and rioters?

      Yes, shame on us for disagreeing with unsubstantiated claims, and showing compassion for the preventable deaths that are happening because of the restrictions and fear that the media is responsible for.

      Three weeks ago we were “evil” for not wearing masks and being in public for any reason. Now it’s being encouraged by the media.

    3. Rational people!!! WTF are you talking about. Your all a bunch of racist fools who are hypocrites of the highest order.

    4. There was a doctor on the local news just yesterday saying a spike is to be expected because they are doing more testing…also we were never supposed to stay inside forever… they always said it was inevitable that 60 to 70% of the population with get the virus… and we were just trying to flatten the curve in the beginning… so why is CNN still fear-mongering.

  4. Remember all those nurses who were supporting the protesters??? Guess they ain’t worried anymore!

    1. No, because a wave can crest and then fall and that’s what happened a few weeks ago, ending the first wave. Now, since reopening the economy WAY too early we are paying the price in human lives.

    2. The first wave has not ended!! And the second wave is going to hit us hard before this first wave is over!! Anybody who has had any training in the medical field knows this!! This is not a political issue it’s a global health crisis that is being ignored because of politics and unfortunately people are going to have to learn this the hard way!!!

    3. @97RAVINEAVE Problem is…. the second wave ain’t suppose to hit for a couple more months… Why do so many people want the virus to kill so many?

    1. Sarah: He is right. Mask prevents from spread of the virus. He is using as analogy. What exactly was Your problem?

    2. @terefe feyssa show me the science, WHO says they do not work. The masks themselves say it does not prevent transmission of covid-19 right on the box LOL

    3. You can still catch a virus even wearing a mask the best thing to do is to get tested and then find out if you are negative or positive if your negative go on about your life if you’re positive then you stay home.

  5. It’s almost like thousands of people were out running around together maybe even throwing bricks through windows and setting fires

  6. you guys don’t want talk about this 2 weeks ago when millions of people go outside and you was telling them it’s ok to go out and Gather together such a loser

  7. New studies show that masks do nothing to stop transmission of the virus. Those virus particles are so tiny that they will go right through the mesh of the mask.

    1. It’s futile my friend, there is no talking sense into the left. They do not have the capacity to use science and logic.

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