1. The people the need to hear this the most will ignore it. Willful ignorance is tough to get through…

    1. @Kathy Weis what on earth are you talking about. It’s my blog. The article is about power and control and the role of covid-19 in ushering in a new era

    2. Nothing on CNN needs to be heard by anyone. Unfortunately they have a lot of people brainwashed.

  2. With Dereliction-of-Duty Donny’s negligent optimism this pandemic will inevitably be much worse than it has to be

    “One moment of incompetence can be fatal.”
    Frank Herbert, Dune Messiah

    “I don’t take responsibility at all.”
    Donald Trump

    “Responsibility is a unique concept… You may share it with others, but your portion is not diminished. You may delegate it, but it is still with you… If responsibility is rightfully yours, no evasion, or ignorance or passing the blame can shift the burden to someone else.”
    Admiral H.G Rickover, Father of the US Nuclear Navy

    “A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”
    The Declaration of Independence

    The Fifth Basic Law of Stupidity:
    “A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person” because “stupid people cause losses to other people with no counterpart of gains on their own account. Thus the society as a whole is impoverished.”

    1. @Kelli Barnhouse before you go apeshit over something you heard, try basing a statement in facts…..

      Pelosi held up OUR RELIEF MONEY until her special interests were greased…

      HOW is $25M to the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts an essential?
      $30M to N.P.R.
      $30M to PBS


    2. @Edith Sheffer yeah? So you’re a proponent of home invasion?

      Educate thyself, or become meat…

    3. @Randy Couch Floyd’s crimes pale in comparison to Trump’s… You’re saying Dumpsterfire Donny deserved the death penalty years ago

    4. @Alan aka FANG Trump’s crimes dwarf Floyd’s… Are you saying he should be snuffed out on camera too?

    5. Alan aka FANG Funny when I mostly hear from Trump supporters that this virus is a joke and I see first hand they are less responsible with wearing masks and social distancing. Can’t say it’s just one side or the other. We all need to change and work together!!! This virus doesn’t care about what political side you’re on, it’s each individual responsibility to do the right things to keep each other safe!

    1. President Trump’s Accomplishments
      1. Decimated ISIS
      2. Building The Wall,
      3. Created US.M.CA,
      4. Fights Corruption,
      5. Lowered our Taxes,
      6. Signs Trade Deals,
      7. Defeated Terrorism,
      7a. Killed Bagdaddy
      7b. Killed Soleimani
      8. High home building,
      9. More money in 401-K
      10. Draining The Swamp,
      11. Lowering Drug Prices,
      12. Protects the Veterans,
      13. Lower Annual Inflation,
      14. Rebuild the US Military,
      15. Stock Market at a high,
      16. Fights Sancutuary Cities,
      17. Veteran’s Choice Program,
      18. Obliterated the fake media,
      19. Saved our Healthcare Plans,
      20. Protects the US Constitution,
      21. Fights Socialist Demo-Craps,
      22. Reduced Chinese trade deficit,
      23. kill-ed ISIS Leader & # 2 leader,
      24. Huge reduction in food stamps,
      25. Protects Hong Kong Protestors,
      26. Protects the Right to Bear Arms,
      27. Defeated Hillary in 2016 election,
      28. Repeal & Replace Nobama-Care,
      29. Believes in God and is a Christian,
      30. Fights to Stop Late Term Abortion,
      31. Tariffs on China and other Countries,
      32. Defeated ShamPeachment in Senate,
      33. Protects the 2nd and 1st amendments,
      34. Huge Wage Gain for blue collar workers,
      35. Lowest mortgage default in last 50 years,
      36. Supports US Farmers against the Chinese,
      37. Fights the RINO-republicans in name only,
      38. Made NATO Countries PAY their Fair Share,
      39. Approx. $5,000 increase in median income,
      40. Created Over 500,000 Manufacturing Jobs,
      41. Massive Reduction in Worthless Regulations,
      42. Supported U.S. Customs & Border Protection,
      43. Passed “Right to Try” for terminally ill patients,
      44. Crippled Iranian Economy with Sever Sanctions,
      45. Pulled out US Military from NEVER Ending Wars,
      46. Achieved 50 yr. Record Low Unemployment Rate,
      47. Reduced illegal Drugs from Entering the US border,
      48. Loyal to US Military and Law Enforcement Agencies,
      49. Supports Immirgration Customs Enforcement (I.C.E),
      50. Destroyed Filthy Leftists and their Propaganda Media,
      51. Succeeded Against Fed. Reserve and kept Rates Low,
      52. 35% Higher Support Among Black Voters & Rising,
      53. Exposed F_B_I & C_I_A for Spying on American Citizens,
      54. Deported many MS-13 Criminal illegal Alien gang members,
      55. Appointed 182 Lifetime Conservative Federal Court Judges,
      56. Succeeded in Exposing Deep State & their Coup against POTUS,
      57. Offered Mexican President Military Support to eliminate the Cartels,
      58. Only Pres. to Fight Chinese Gov. Against Stealing Intellectual Properties,
      59. Stopped ALL Intercontinental Missiles of N. Korea & Met with the Leader,
      60. Successful in Stopping Thousand of illegal Immigrants (Caravan) at the Border,
      61. Succeeded in Uniting ALL Republicans & some Dems Against ShamPeachment,
      62. Only Pres. To Achieve US being Energy Independent For the first time in modern times,
      63. Appointed 2 Lifetime Conservative Supreme Court Judges Neil Gorsuch & Kavanaugh,
      Demo-CRAPS Achievement = FAILED ShamPeachment and Coup d’état

    2. Trump acts as a Domestic Terrorist! Stay at Home protestors and Voters and BLM have TRIED to be distant and wear masks but, not Everyone has! Being outdoors makes a difference but, these Indoor Rant Rallies won’t have mask wearers when it is chock full of Hoaxers!

    3. Name the failure? At least name a “failure” that doesn’t involve him being blocked by the Democrat Congress or Obama Judges? Name one…

  3. Here in Michigan every year we get folks coming back from winter in Florida to return to their summer houses on the lakes (which we have plenty of). And many folks just traveling up for vacations. I saw this coming. And so many have stopped taking precautions. Be careful and be safe everyone. Especially us transplant recipients and other vulnerable folks.

    1. Thank you everyone.
      I have been isolating as much as possible. I only go out for medical tests and any dr appointment that can’t be done by televideo.
      Hubs works in an essential position. He also does all shopping. He’s a huge support. It’s just a scary time. Stay safe everyone. Please. ❤

    2. ​@Anissa Roberts I’m with you on the autoimmune thing. Really makes this Covid so frightening. Please take special care, you’re not alone. Sending regards and hope.

    3. Heads up on folks traveling all across the country to go to Jacksonville for his acceptance speech and then head back to their state.

    4. Shlisa Shell Best wishes to you, fellow Michigander. I wish that the seasonal occupants would show some personal consideration for everyone else, but they seem to be oblivious. Hope you stay well.

    1. @Rosa Jackson there are doctors that worked with him that have been trying to warn of his work for years but hey if you want your chip so be it. I really dont care

    2. No, the DNC, CCP, UN, WHO, NHS and CDC make the time line. It’s an election year. If it quacks like a duck…

    3. @LOUE BLACK All you people should just take a note from the Jim Jones playbook… Do us all a favor.

  4. Well this is what happens when you don’t social distance and don’t wear a mask. People are stupid. Just because it’s summer and hot doesn’t mean everything is fine.

    1. Florida is very hot and yet people are dying out here like flies. I don’t think Corona is scared of the sun.

    2. @STANISLAUS CORRUPTION I didn’t see Mr Fauci fear mongering during the weeks of MASS protesting, mobs looting and vandalizing? And I didn’t hear CNN mentioning Covid-19 for the same amount of time.

    3. @N W who are the fool? Those who stay in and wear a mask? Or those who died thinking they were better and smarter than the others?

  5. Some people are acting like the virus has never even existed. If you’re gonna act like that, what do you expect?

    1. You mean the millions of people crowding into streets shoulder to shoulder, not wearing masks, “protesting,” rioting, looting, burning businesses, stealing sneakers. That group of “some people”…?

  6. This man is afraid to speak. He knows we shouldn’t be open. It’s not toward opening up, everything is pretty much open. And Trump is about to start the rallies.

    1. @David Mc
      We all remember 2016 so does our government..
      Who said Russia interfered on behalf of stump and was welcomed by stump junior…

    1. @barbara henninger There is no virus, it’s just a flu. The only deadly virus that is here is what CNN feeds you with.

  7. This is what happens when the leader of your country happens to be the dumbest human being on the planet, who believes in magic, and suggests that injecting disinfectants is a good way to fight a pandemic.

    1. I have been drinking lysol mixed with lemon bleach… I’m still alive. Lmfao, first off, sigh, like what goes through ones mind to do so, but they are saying no to the vaccine?!?

    2. Yeah because nothing says “Smartest Leadership” like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Joe Biden right?

    3. And he shuts up this guy nd lets the Treasury Secretary run the ‘response’, there is no response it’s up to the individual to look at things. At least I don’t live in a Trump state like Arizona, Florida, or Texas that publish fake numbers and lead their citizens into going out without masks because of false confidence. Just get him to talk about the state of things when you have the rare opportunity to talk to him and drop the ‘I got Fauci fired’ questions, I guess he would then be a regular guest on CNN is their motive.

    4. I guess your the genius who is hiding in a closet in the basement so you don’t get corona virus. You may have to stay in there when Joe Biden becomes president

  8. There is an ongoing increasing in cases and still so many millions need testing. Manunchin is a greedy sob as he works for cheeto dumdum. This is not going to end unless people are prudent and diligent.
    Good to see Dr. Fauci.

    1. How come you Marxist types only express ugliness in the world? Is it internal? Do you really just hate your own lives and want everyone else to be miserable too? Come on, just admit it. Be honest for once.

  9. Fauci is a decent human being. A nice man. Too bad there are those that drag him into politics.

    1. There’s no evidence that politics has any influence on his decision making.He’s advised several administrations guided exclusively by Science and experience.

  10. “You can count on Americans to do the right thing after they’ve tried everything else first” Winston Churchill

    1. @HemiHead664 ideologues?
      I support this administration and I’m no idealist, Sir…
      I am a staunch Constitutionalist……..
      There is no room for suppotion of the laws f this land…

      For more than 40 years this Country has endured double-speaking and inactive Democrat members of of our government….

      Trump just abolished the “Biden Crime Bill” releasing thousands of inner-city black men and women from extended sentences for minor first time charges of possession…..
      Now, if you ain t for Biden, you ain t BLACK?


    1. These bunkers boy supporters are as crazy as the bunker boy Trump, and i hope Canadian government keeps the Americans out of this country Canada

    2. ALL results for USA must be compared to the world’s successful nations who fought and won the fight.. e.g. Australia, Asia…

    1. Tyrus – Yeah, those assholes! Can you believe they brought in the press for their photo op, openly pandered by appropriating cultural garb, and even positioned themselves via names taped on the ground for the photos? Totally disgusting!! Oh wait, that was the democrats in the Capitol rotunda… my bad. Never mind.

    1. WOW!!!! Have you been paying attention to what’s been happening with people who speak out against the PC mob these days?? What’s it like to be so one sided?

  11. “The economy rises and falls. The dead are not resurrected.” Edi Rama, Prime Minister Albania, June 11, 2020

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