1. 20 year old boxer in Belfast, 20 year old female soccer player in England, 32 year old Scottish mountain bike champion, 30 year old Welsh ruby player (all in the last week) – who knew that being fit and active would bring on a sudden and unexpected end to one’s life.

    1. It is true that being too fit and exercising too much is bad but I doubt that was the cause. They probably had some health issue that they either didn’t know about or didn’t expect to finish them that soon.

  2. Heart attacks, blood clots, paralysis, sudden adult death, permanent disablement, shingles….. you’ve all been hoodwinked, better booster up!

  3. This is very sad because he has put all his time and effort into it. I play hockey and I cant imagine my friend trying so hard and this happens. And I wonder what caused this… đź’‰

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