Trump responds to Justice Department’s Mar-a-Lago filing

Former President Donald Trump argued in a court filing that the National Archives should have expected to find classified material among the 15 boxes Trump turned over in January from Mar-a-Lago because they were presidential records.
The filing, his closing written legal argument before a critical hearing Thursday, acknowledged that classified material was found at Mar-a-Lago, but argued that it should not have been cause for alarm — and should not have led to the search of Trump's Florida residence earlier this month. CNN's panel of analysts discuss the new developments #ac360 #CNN #News


  1. What bothers me the most about this entire fiasco, is the flippant disrespect towards our legal system and laws set in place. It bothers me that as an average citizen, I could never get away with any of this.

    1. @Mountain Man It’s just a classic forensic photographer’s job at the crime scene. Not unlike a photo of a pile of cocaine and guns after a big drug bust.

    1. @Wyatt Whytrock To be fair, Monk was just responding to me. I brought up the T word, and of course, now MAGA is in the house. It’s all my fault! Such a bad sheep am I… Baaah baaah baaah baaaaaash that orange! Squeeze it nicely in the right spots, and it’s insides will liquify. If it’s a bad orange, throw it out for the goats and pigs. They will leave no trace! Oh my, that must have been my Selective Tourettes. So sorry! 🤭

  2. I fail to understand why any qualified lawyer would sign and certify that all the documents had been handed over knowing that they may loose their licence to practice and in a “treason case” involving secret government documents, face a long prison sentence. Is there a disclaimer similar to an accountants stating that “according to the information provided to me by my client”?

    1. @BRADY 41DEFAULT there is a process to declassify materials and there is no proof that this was done. Furthermore, declassified or not, those documents are not his to retain – they are property of the government and thus the people.

    2. @Chicago Gal actually, there is. He needs to notify various agencies that the info is declassified.. though in the case of some of the purpoted documents, he is not the ultimate classifying authority and cannot declassify them at all.

    1. WHAT?! Saffron Suharto gave up on aspirations to a kinder world when he was a toddler, when his intellectual/emotional development came to a screeching halt.

    1. @you2angel1 Florida doesn’t have a law like that. We have many full-time residences of hotels and resorts and you can also have a home that is your home that is also a resort to other people. We have thousands and thousands of them in Florida, from seasonal rentals to shared occupancy rentals we have plenty of what we’re meant to be regular houses whose owners live full-time in them and ran out rooms where the whole home. Some are managed by the owners some are managed by outside companies because the owners don’t want anything to do with operating the resort, they just live it in their home. And what is this agreement that you know that he has with the community? Agreement is an agreement if you don’t agree with something you don’t sign it so the agreement doesn’t exist you can’t just force an agreement to exist just because you willingly moved into a home with a homeowners association that you stupidly sign but feel is overly restrictive but that would just be absolutely imbecile to do so Trump would never do something like that even though he’s an imbecile because he’s a different type of imbecile? Trump doesn’t have any agreement with the local community because he is the local community. The entire community around Mar-A-Lago is Mar-A-Lago property, part of the resort, it’s not like a little motel 6 inside of some little town somewhere but there is no nearby community to be bothered by those non illegal and non wrong because of no reason for there to ever been an agreement and nobody to have an agreement with so he is committing no unagreeable actions as far as local communities go. Now if you’re worried about the rules pay attention to driving rules driving it right most Lane except while passing keep right except while passing means except while passing keep right means keep right not keep metal not keep right ish but keep right and you can ignorantly say your state doesn’t have that law but Federal mandates that every state has it so whoever you are that means I’m talking to you and why would I bring this up because you brought up arbitrary laws that don’t exist so I thought I’d bring up important laws that do exist that do affect thousands of lives every single year.

  3. It’s easier for people to lose their money and to being conned than to admit that they were conned. Mark Twain.

    1. its easier for native english speakers to know when someone is not, based on their past and present participles xD

  4. As a last resort, the Department of Justice contacted the Impossible Mission Force to see if they could get Former President Trump to tell the truth. For the first time in their entire history the team chose not to accept the mission because it was hopelessly impossible.

    1. @Jnnnx No, but he’s not trying to sell citrus so what does it matter?
      Are you working on the air has oxygen defense?
      The doj is not going to take your YouTube video to court but rather charge him for his crimes

    1. @stratocasterblue right? I hope he himself tries that. But to be honest, the entire country needs an internal cleaning. Let’s get to work!

    2. @espy Remember when he said that on the podium national tv while he was asking dr burke and she just looked down in disgust

  5. Committing more crimes and looking more guilty riles up his base and also entices them to give him more money. Republicans are sick.

  6. “We cannot have someone in Oval Office who doesn’t understand meaning of ‘Confidential’ and ‘Classified’ ” – Donald Trump 2016

  7. 5:48 Shan Wu “I don’t want to give them any suggestion” Well said Mr. Wu. You are the first attorney that did not offer suggestion to the Trump team. All Trump does is sit back and watch CNN and NBC and every other media give them answer how to defend him. You are obviously a brilliant person.

    1. @Derrick Harley luckily nobody’s claiming that they were planted because Trump is ignorantly admitting to everything he just doesn’t realize that that makes him guilty of anything.

    2. @Malloy Cade the classification is not why it was illegal for him to illegally move them. Classification or not some of them were not legal for him to have at all and he does not have the authority to declassify other documents that he didn’t classify and his crimes on those documents are more numerous than that.

    3. I still see endless comments here about the president doing things that a president does not have the authority to do.
      How are there so many people with computers and the ability to spell and type that have never taken a civics social study or history class because they taught us this over and over and over throughout elementary School and some of it in high school as well.
      Where did the idea that the president has this strange magic authority come from?
      A president can make certain types of laws laws but he can’t break them all or abolish them and he can classify documents but he can’t declassify somebody else’s classified documents!

    4. @Malloy Cade oh and see how he’s not in cuffs do you see how this is the beginning of an investigation against him actually several investigations against him and it’s likely they will be in some form of repercussion considering the severity of some of the crimes and the number of crimes committed

  8. I can’t even take the pencil sharpener from the break room to my desk without being written up and this guy takes top secrets documents and probably won’t get a slap on the wrist. The American legal system better show up and show out on this case. He needs to be made an example out of so future presidents get a clear warning that they are not above the law!

  9. No denial of him taking them, no denial that he had them (even after his lawyers swore that there were no more), no mention of fbi planting evidence (or of the cctv footage they said they had) – as for the special master or executive privilege, his legal team made no filings re these things after the first 15 boxes were handed over, or after his team handed over documents in June in response to a subpoena- it’s only now after the warrant was served that he makes these requests, and only weeks after the event – all to stall and fundraise – but my question is, what is in the last 33 boxes (I suspect the best of his initial collection) that has him freaking out – or is it the fact that there’s a spy in his house and he wants to find them out before they dish out more 🤔😉🤫 Where’s Melania during this 🤔

  10. Imagine a teacher handing you reading material like this… and asking you to take a test on it… how do you think you would do…? These people are literally as blind/if not more blind then the general public…

  11. “45” is an EX POTUS and it is not an “offense” for the DOJ/FBI to enforce the law — it is an obligation .

    1. And, it is NOT his home, it is his club house known to have foreign visitors with spying tools in the past. Also, questionable security. JAIL HIM ALREADY!!

  12. [A] preliminary review of the FIFTEEN BOXES indicated that they contained “newspapers, magazines, printed news articles, photos, miscellaneous print-outs, notes, presidential correspondence, personal and post presidential records, and ‘a lot of classified records.’ Of most significant concern was that highly classified records were unfoldered, intermixed with other records, and otherwise unproperly [sic] identified.6

  13. It looks like Donald Trump is about “to go through some things”, which I’m sure Marie Yovanovich will appreciate.

    1. Yes, he’s about to go through some things, which every news channel in America will appreciate. Wait for the conspiracies to go rampant and the false sh*t to hit the fan and be spun so hard, you can’t tell what color or consistency it is…

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