2 Yr Old Shot & Killed in Trelawny; Relative in Custody | TVJ News

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  1. Jah Jah 🙆🙆🤦🤦 this is so heart broken 😢😭😭😢 I feel this to the core when will these madness stop my God this is too much RIP baby boy 💔🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️

  2. My sympathy goes to young man family, Bring back the death penalty anyone who us against it are emeny of state who don’t care about people lives in jamaica, may this young man RIP.

  3. Don’t have a job but yet he has a gun, and guns no mek a Jamaica. Jah jah help we, rip little one 🙏

  4. Too many illegal guns in the society, too many weapons in the hands of erratic and hot-headed people. Gone too soon. Condolences to the baby’s family.

  5. Unnu can tan deh nuh shoob dem outta unnu families and communities. And if di police did kill him unnu SAME ONE woulda a bawl bout “police brutality”, call Indecom, block road a seh “we want justice”, call down foreign media and a bag a tings. But gwaan do unnu ting. Gwaan hide dem, gwaan support dem, gwaan tek di dirty money. Di rest a unnu can gwaan pray, since dat a help so much.

    Any GOOD police reading this, jus big up yuhself. Nuff a wi out yah a hope fi yuh lick off dem bwoi yah head clean clean, skip court and time wasting.

  6. Jamaican youths need to put away their ignorance behavior, this badman mentality take over the country, on the question is when will it end.

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