Month: May 2013

RE: Is Dictatorship Engulfing My Country, Dominica?

Is Dictatorship Engulfing My Country, Dominica?

At a first glance of the aforementioned statement, one can (but not dismiss) a sense of uncertainty and concern worthy of discussion. The question we need to confront ourselves with is; are we capable of discussing the pro’s and con’s, with an un-blinded/biased objectivity, whilst maintaining a degree of civility when we differ?
Do date, the detractors within cannot, and will not engage in a civilized discussion, because of the archaic and primitive modus operandi they continue to employ; “Hell no, we will not go”, and ‘somehow’ have managed to preserve this pervasive ideology with this continuation of speaking ill, and continued belittling of those who are being suggestive by discussion, otherwise. The more I reflect is the more I am disgusted by the silent ones within this forum; their continued perpetuation of this vile and undemocratic practise! Yes your collective silence perpetuates this vile and ignoramus operandi! 
Kinda like endorsing a jackass to represent you without the concern of being discredited when the braying becomes idiotic. What did you expect?
Now that I have got my little idiotic rant out of the way, let’s focus on the caption above.

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