2020 Polls Get A Little Tighter In South Carolina | Morning Joe | MSNBC

In South Carolina, Joe Biden still leads the 2020 Democratic field with 27 percent, but he's down three points, per new Post and Courier polling. Aired on 12/13/19.
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2020 Polls Get A Little Tighter In South Carolina | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Freddy Freedom He’s fighting for you not for the millionaires – that’s the difference. If you can’t see it then look closer with a broader mindset.

    1. @Tony P Older people (60+) support Joe Biden because they only listen to establishment corporate media. Younger people have learned that those corporate media channels only show us what the wealthy and powerful want us to see and believe. All these and TV pundits are millionaires and multi millionaires serving a pro corporate agenda. They don’t actually care what regular working people want or what is best for the country. They just want to maintain the status quo and make sure all new wealth keeps flowing to the top. I’m 41 but I listen to independent media and have found it to be much more honest and transparent than anything I ever saw on MSNBC or CNN.

    2. @DatGrA2b I wouldn’t invite him either. How to spoil a party 🙂 Mitch is just disgusting. In it for himself like all the other Reprobates.

    3. Tony P they nominated a moderate last time… and look what happened lol. This centrist idea is dead and gone

    4. @didil ais No – they wanted a speedy Brexit. They are very happy with social ideas like free health care.

  1. How does this poll reflect “concerns about going to far to the left”? Sanders has gone up 7% in SC. What this poll supports is the opposite.

    1. SC in my opinion is a Gerrymandered Republican State. I live here and I am convinced. Unless the black voters just don’t vote which I doubt.

    2. @Terrell Lewis I used to work for Common Cause and I can tell you: yes, both North and South Carolina are heavily gerrymandered states. We’ve gone to court over it quite a few times and still more litigation is planned.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera
      I can’t wait for the change. How do I help? I can get more people involved. Just help me get started.

    4. @Terrell Lewis Head over to the Common Cause web site and get in touch with them. That would be a good way to get started, as they have been battling against gerrymandering for more than a decade.

  2. Bernie is not being talked about so show them his videos so they get a chance to listen to him. Keep educating folks. BERNIE 2020

    1. @Margaret Nicol we have a starr county in Texas, do they have a county, or town of starr in SC? And if they do, is that the star that they use? Just curious, cause I’m not familiar with that state.

    2. @Addie Hernandez Yes, there’s a town called Starr in SC. However, take a closer look at the wall. It’s probably just graphics saying he’s the star. SC 4 * Joe Biden. It could have been a heart. They’re not coming to get you yet – but give Trump time!!!

    3. @Margaret Nicol lol, maybe I’m overreacting. It just looks so much like a communist star. Ill take your word for it sweetie.👍

    1. @TheMapTurtles The Electoral College was invented before the telephone (now cell), tv and the Internet. I don’t need the candidates to blow a bunch of money travelling around to decide whether or not I agree with their policies and want to vote for them. Our system needs some serious updating… without help from Russia!

    2. Bonnie you do realize people in there 60s above tend not to use the internet daily like you right? Many rather go to rallies. The same logic you used is like me saying I don’t need to go to concerts I can just watch music videos on YouTube. People will want to go experience things in person.

    3. @TheMapTurtles So elderly people in CA, TX, NY etcetera are less important than those in IA, NH, WI ? And maybe they don’t use the internet, but I bet ya they have a TV. So sorry, no case there. The rules need updating. edit: and people don’t go to rallies to get informed on who to vote for, they go to rallies to support their candidate (your rock concert argument).

  3. I live in Italy and yes I’m black so that you know. Italians always ask me if I like Trump and I tell them NO!!!!!!! The reasons are because he’s self centered and lies constantly. I also feel like he sold America out and he cheats in everything.

    1. cmulder002 he didn’t say that. With all that’s wrong with trump, missing something from that long list doesn’t mean you are ok with it, it means you are too exhausted to continue the list.

    2. @hbzeke Yeah, but he’s supposed to be black and yet his number one issue against Trumpty Dumbty (Donald Trump) isn’t that Trumpty Dumbty is a white supremacist? Sorry, he’s NOT black.

  4. Hey, MSNBC, you know who hasn’t had wild fluctuations in their support? You know who has only seen am upward trend in their numbers, obviously you don’t because you only said his name once…Bernie 2020. SC loves Bernie, at least this South Carolinian does.

    1. No, we South Carolinians don’t love Bernie. Only 20% would vote for him. 80% of us South Carolinians don’t plan to vote for him.

    1. WANNA BET…LOL..

  5. Bernie rising 7 points is the most noteworthy news. Perhaps you all could present Bernie Sanders policies, the reasons for gaining 7 points? That is what is of interest. Biden is not offering much.
    The interesting thing about this posting by morning joe and MSNBC is the way they do not talk about Sanders historical relevance in terms of modern U.S. politics and his obvious impact on all the modern dem candidates and , the fact that young voters prefer him over all other choices by quite a wide margin, all done without support of US corporate media.

    1. Do you know what’s even bigger news..? California, the state with the largest number of voters and the most electoral votes in the entire country, is firmly behind Bernie Sanders (he has a big lead in CA) and we’re gonna put him over the top on Super Tuesday.

    2. @shkspr78 s I’m so sorry that your life is unhappy. But don’t worry. President Bernie Sanders will help to make everyone’s lives better… even yours.

  6. Joe sounds despondent at the idea that a “socialist” could win the nomination. They drone on and on about moving “too far to the left”. While the GOP has spent decades dragging the cultural discourse further right everything moderate now is quite Republican.

    1. Andy G I literally have family members who are undocumented and they fly to Chicago to get driver license everything it expires and guess what all you need to vote with is? AN ID.

    2. The EC is more antiquated than a horse and carriage and should be tossed onto the rubbish heap of history. In the last 20 years – thanks to the EC – we got two disastrous presidents 12 years of bull****.

    3. Tim Countis classic liberal doesn’t have his way wants everything to change. Don’t worry I’m here to tell you grow up society doesn’t care about your feelings.

    4. @TheMapTurtles If we’re not going to change anything why do we have congress? why not just the two branches. They’re there to change things. Republicans might only care about their donors and big corporations, but progressives (not all dems) actually care about people. Eventually they will repeal the electoral college and republicans will probably never win again, especially because the will soon be more younger voters than older voters as time goes on. To say that the majority of people don’t count, literally goes against the essence of democracy. And your argument a couple comments above, saying that people would only campaign in NY, CA, TX, etc. is flawed because RIGHT NOW people only campaign in IA, PA, etc. Swing states.

  7. LMAO Will the media keep ignoring Bernie this time? Where’s their coverage of his campaign that is rising towards number one?

  8. Bernie Sanders is going to slaughter everyone else on Super Tuesday. I wonder how long the MSNBC Bernie Blackout will continue after that happens..?

    1. @axl kochubey Nobody cares what stupid little trolls think. We’re winning this race — that’s all you need to know.

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