Boris Johnson Secures Big Win In UK General Election | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Boris Johnson Secures Big Win In UK General Election | Morning Joe | MSNBC


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party won a decisive victory in a crucial election for the country. Keir Simmons reports. Aired on 12/13/19.
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Boris Johnson Secures Big Win In UK General Election | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. UK PM Boris Johnson. So proud of you CONGRATULATIONS! Your huge victory and overwhelming defeat to the opposition party & his Socialist leader Corbyn have just granted President Trump reelection in 2020 !

    1. Albert Mas British have always been right wing, despite what people say we are not an Islamic ghetto.. Border controls coming soon and the degenerates will be turned away by the Royal Navy.

    1. @Terry Tater Oh look another ignorant comment.
      Under our treaty with Ukraine and other countries it is completely legal to ask third party investigation by another country regarding actions of U.S politicians.

      So no you’re not telling me the truth you’re telling me ignorance, but then again you’re a basketball american voting for his gib mes.

    2. @Zach Burskey . I have links to a lot of things. I don’t have links to your sjw stuff. It’s your propaganda, where’s your numbers? Lol.

    1. Only one party , was going to let brexit to happen , the other was like republicans lie lie lie , and then lie some more , then cheat to win .

    2. Boris will get brexit done , the British people wanted to leave win win

      Boris is the only one who is listening to the people ,

      Pity that labour don’t listen to the people’s voice to leave .. and tried everything to stop it … the votes show that once again …

      Labour was not listening to the people … SAD

  2. Will be interesting to see the exit polls … Such polls indicated the vote was against trump in 2016, and against Australia’s morrison earlier this year ….

    1. Bulls***. The Tories ran on the same platform as Trump: fear of immigrants and losing their healthcare. A fractured EU is what Putin wants, and he got his wish.

    2. @Tim Countis LOL!! The Putin boogeyman?! It was a landslide victory. The largest since 1935. You can’t fake this. Did you pay Chris Steele for that opinion?! The British are more united than ever in rejecting evil socialism. No open borders, no open prisons, no open perversions. God bless the United Kingdom!!

  3. With this election U.K. is no more they will split permanently and there will be no more Union of Kingdoms. They will now each go there separate ways.

  4. Same thing that happened in US. Next the pendulum swings far left anti elite. It’s caused by cronyism and fall of guided democracy. I call it the political pendulum.

  5. As Irish, Let Brexit happen now that Boris has a clear mandate to do so, and let Sturgeon have an Independent Scotland now that she has a clear mandate to do so….. And given England with its Brexit vote has fractured the Union of 1801….and now that the Nationalist/all parties in Northern Ireland have an alliance which work (with DUP no longer the Majority), get Stormont up and running again as per Good Friday Agreement…. And FINALLY LET IRELAND HAVE A VOTE (after 800 or 100 yrs of our Occupied and Fractured history by England/Britian) and so Ireland can vote to be finally United, in a generosity of spirit and care of our DUP brothers n sisters of Ireland and a Constitution that wld welcome and reflect all so that Ireland can be not only united but also finally free of the corosive history England force on her…. To be free to make her own successes and mistakes among the Nations of the world…. It is only a matter of time now…. Coz the English so want to be English on their own now free from Europe, they above all have to understand every Irishman and Irishwoman wish to be United and free of them now historically and finally….. The future is bright for Ireland, an inclusive, friendly and caring one for all our Citizens…. Coz in Ireland as Michael Collins insisted the PEOPLE OF IRELAND ARE IRELAND…. this is a concept that has always had us free no matter what history the English Govt forced on us…. I mean with all the other countries voting to be free of Europe (that is England), and to be free of England (that is Scotland), it only right, reasonable and fair that Ireland get a vote to be United n free of the lot of them (that is England, Scotland, Wales, and of course dismantle Northern Ireland sensitively, to be a United Ireland)…. Its time now, in the current times…. And as I say Ooh what a party that would be…. And all the Nations invited to Celebrate with the Irish in a United and free Ireland, and just like on St Patrick’s Day…. Well actually its a long weekend in Ireland hahahahaha, the would be a Cead Mile Failte for all, that is a million welcomes to all and a blessing on all.

  6. Isn’t it awesome to watch the end of self rule! Your 1% owners have sold a line of B.S. these past fifty years; to end Democracy and hand control back to the land owners. It’s 1932 Germany all over again. Enjoy the ride to the bottom, the fire will come soon enough.

  7. What MSNBC didn’t blame it on Russia wow… this is going to be look on Democrats face in 2020..we the people are fighting the globalist.

  8. Get used to the script Joe it’s going to happen again in 2020 right here in America. The mainstream media truly the enemy of the people.

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