1. @Charles Jurden If the 1st place horse is disqualified after the results of the 2nd drug test confirm the results of the 1st test then the 2nd place horse becomes the winner. I hope you played on line or you still have your physical ticket.

    2. @Yourname Here Good point. People like Baffert are ruining The Sport Of Kings. I focus on harness racing. The Powers That Be really crack down on drivers, trainers and owners who try to break the rules. Some states have special branches within their state police that are dedicated entirely to policing horse racing.

    1. we lost a long time ago. the only ones benefitting from it’s continuation are drug lords and police.

  1. This is the 6th time I’m being framed for Horse Doping. I swear it’s a conspiracy to ruin my good name.

  2. I’ve dreamt of watching a Kentucky Derby in person since I was a little girl. It’s more of a pipe dream now, because the brutal truth I’ve learned as an adult is that this is more common than not in horse racing and if drugging can’t be stopped, horse racing should be!

    1. @Sun Moon Yes, I was horrified, also. I think you’re referring to Ferdinand, who won the Derby in 1986, was Horse of the Year in 1987; & tragically slaughtered in 2002.

    2. @CCCat behind the scenes it’s actually worse , years ago a guy was hired by rich horse owners to electrocute thier horses with a car battery to simulate a heart attack so the owners could collect on insurance, he went jail but no suprise no rich owner went .

    3. Well you aren’t missing much it’s hot the food is crap and the only reason anyone’s there is to gamble.

    4. Only in America is this a constant problem.

      American racing is a joke, the horse with the best drugs wins.

    5. I was lucky to be able to go once, in the stands. However, you really aren’t missing much!

  3. So he says he doesn’t know why his horse would have tested positive for steroids. πŸ˜„
    I think I know why. πŸ˜‚

    1. The horse is named “Lance Armstrongs Revenge”.
      I thought the name was a little off but now it makes sense.

    1. @lenka cfk How about, he cheats and lies because cheats and lies to win something he never deserved in the first place. Similar to the big orange one!

    2. I’m sure it was a “gross injustice” every one of those five times. The poor guy must be getting tired of all that injustice.

    3. @Doug Ohaver uhh, that is not correct. Winning tickets will be honored, if anyone has not cashed theirs. But first place purse money will not go to the connections of Medina’s Spirit.

    1. @Calm Dust “We raised him right, with good values. We don’t know how he got in with the wrong crowd.”

  4. The fact that this was β€œbreaking news” let’s me know things are much better than the last 4 years

    1. @t lam I agree. We’re never gonna get the police reform we need by having horse racing be the breaking news

  5. Why is this still going on? Between this and the Tennesse Walking Horse cruelties, this is crazy.

    1. Money, cicily…. as always. So glad I jumped out of horses… hate the back stabbing, hate the cheaters.

  6. Officials: “Who asked for the drugs to be administered?”
    Baffert: “The horse, of course!”

    1. Do you realize the medication given could have been a very minor medication. Do you ever take meds? Probably. The sensitivity in testing with racehorse huge. Like find a grain of sand on a beach. Don’t comment before you know the FACTS.

  7. I wasn’t me, I cant control what the horse does in its off time. Its been hanging with the wrong crowd. I blame that Filly from Philly. 😩

    1. It was only a matter of time before the “drug crisis” seeped out of the suburbs and into the stables.

  8. The horse has since been arrested and awaiting a cavity search, just as soon as they find the police officer with that long arm of the law.

  9. All his years of experience and the money he earns from training horses, you’d at least expect him to be able to cheat without getting caught (repeatedly) or at least be smart enough not to try if it’s that hard to het away with.

  10. Baffert needs Guiliani to start screaming that the race was Stolen. And maybe have Arizona pay $150,000 to have Cyber Ninjas recount the chemicals in the blood test.

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