1. ​@joe blo Common sense and logic would lead someone to this conclusion. But proof is needed. Regardless, the murder charges he”s getting carry a stiffer penalty in CO.
      Certain politicians need to tone down the rhetoric to prevent this from happening again.

    2. @Lea Garner lol you don’t know that, that’s just your biases coming in hot. For all we know, the guy was angry because his boyfriend was at the club with another man, so he embraced his anger and boom, crime of passion. You see how anyone can jump to conclusions and be wrong?

  1. Social emotional learning attempts to do this, it is being attacked by school boards all over the US currently.

  2. One thing is for certain. The shooter got the crap beat out of him. He may feel lucky to still be alive. Hopefully his ensuing trial will wrongly prove any notion of that. Heartfelt wishes to all those families/friends that now suffer.

    1. Imagine being an “alpha male conservative Christian” and getting your head kicked in by a bunch of limp wrists and drag queens.
      This boy will be passed around like a commune dildo in prison.

    2. Yeah I dunno, the Retired Major went to town on him, he probably feels sorry for himself. Is it bad that I’m quietly pleased that a shooter finally had his arse handed to him by a parent who lost a child?

    1. @dave mitchell The victims were at a club, minding their own business. How is that shoving their lifestyle down anyone’s throat?

    1. No doubt about that. Why do you think they were so cagey during the press conference..hiding behind some bs regulation that is never applicable for regular folks.

  3. This guy evidently had a prior encounter with local police over a bomb threat. I read that Colorado has red flag laws to make it
    difficult for someone with a history of violence to get ahold of anassault rifle! How did this obviously dangerous perp manage to get ahold of one under the radar? Another report said the local police chief was ignoring the state law. If true, sounds like the police force failed to do their job protecting this community.

    1. @Winston Smithyes those democrats in charge of ultra conservative Colorado Springs. Actually republicans don’t care about laws or voters will. Colorado Springs not only doesn’t abide by the red flag laws they don’t allow recreational marijuana even though it passed by 70% in the city itself. Why do republicans hate democracy so much? Why do republicans feel they don’t have to fulfill the wishes of the voters?

    2. @my2iu The county declared itself a “2nd Amendment preservation county” against red flag laws. So not just one person or a few people.

    3. @Winston Smith Nah. It was the Republicans in that county who decided they wouldn’t enforce the red flag law because of fantasy “freedom” to have guns or some ridiculous justification that now leaves 5 dead.

      PS he was stopped by a guy without a gun (instead of a stupid shootout in an enclosed space.)

  4. It funny when the shooting start you never see one of those good guy with a gun anywhere…. But after the shooting they sure talk big.

    1. Between 1.5 and 2.5 million violent crimes are stopped every year by armed citizens, but hey don’t let facts get in the way of your virtue signaling….

    1. What’s interesting is he geared up and started posturing behind closed doors for social media then stripped it all off and surrendered with his tail between his legs.

    1. If Democrats would just stop shooting each other gun violence would literally drop 90%, but sure Republicans “rant” a lot…

    1. Good. I’m sure he still can’t believe two of those “sissy f****ts” actually took him down. What an idiot. 🤡🤣

    1. You’re probably right. In my experience the more someone “hates” gays the more terrified they are of someone finding out. Truth be told though, if we’re being honest, everyone has at least a tiny amount of bisexual in them.

    1. The Waukesha Christmas parade massacre didn’t get a fraction of this coverage
      but then LGBTQ runs the media and DNC

  5. How do you go into a gay club with all the advantages while armed to the teeth and still manage to get your arse kicked?😂

    1. Not paying attention to his surroundings. Army vet snuck up to him and took him down when the shooter wasn’t paying attention and had to reload. The shooter was focused at the ppl at the patio. And the Army vet has combat experience.

  6. God bless those who departed innocently and god bless those recovering and for the 2 heros! Much love from Singapore 🇸🇬❤️

  7. Boehner, MTG, Trump DeSantis, and everyone who spoke negatively against the LBGTQ community; are responsible for the death of 5 innocent people just enjoying life. This is sad, and the LBGTQ Community has to aggressively take to the streets. When they make that decision, I’ll support the cause.

    1. If they start a fight they will lose said fight badly. We are soooo fed up with you messing with kids. Do it March to your doom

  8. This guy was not charged in 2021 for making bomb threats against his own mother.
    Then he doesn’t get red flagged for trying to buy guns later….Colorado law is a joke.

    1. @Josh El Well no, it actually is the law because he would have already been in jail after the bomb threat in 2021, and never been able to buy guns again after being a convicted felon.

  9. My condolences to all the families. The spreaders of hate should go to the prison. Education it’s important. Respect all the human beings and animals in the world.

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