2023 federal budget | Key highlights and federal spending

The federal government has unveiled the 2023 federal budget. Annie Bergeron-Oliver breaks down the key highlights of the spending plan.

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    1. Doesn’t really matter who you think you vote for… they appoint whom they want are are all cut from the same cloth at this point. 😢

    2. Hell no. Singh just announced he chickened out and will NOT bring in a non confidence motion. He has to get his golden pension and needs to ride it out until 2025.

  1. No path to balance. An energy infrastructure transition within an incredibly condensed time period is by its very nature Inflationary.

    1. @ryan radcliffe comeback when you understand how the economy works and why we are suffering high inflation

  2. Whats with all the over five years business?
    What happened to all the money budgeted four years ago?

    1. still we can come up with something better he will have to do Canadain need help not more program cut like when PP and his party close the doors for our Veterans

    1. Yeah once you are stuck in a 15 minute smart city prison with your UBC CBDC basic income. 2030 seems to be the goal

  3. The opposition better go through it with a fine tooth comb! Trudeau and Freeland love sneaking things into any documents!

  4. Lower the tax cap to 20% for all who are earning less than 100k annually. 10% till 50k and 20% over 50k

    1. I’ve paid cash for everything my entire life all except rental cars. I used a credit card for them. A perfect record yet no 900 credit score. I hit 878 on one free site.

  5. It is a budget simply to satisfy the NDP and I am angry! It is useless and we need these failed politicians out of business.

  6. Looking at Ontario’s Budget – which is on line – all the revenues and expenditures are clearly shown .

    Now go to Trudeau , Sabia and Freeland’s budget and it uses magic numbers .

  7. What I would like to see is a direct comparison with the budget from the opposition and other parties. It is stupid to criticize others without your own solutions.

    I want to know the solution from every party so I know where my vote will go.

  8. It is probably balancing itself again, Crystia puts some type magik spell on it. I can believe it!!

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