BNN Bloomberg’s Amanda Lang reacts to the 2023 federal budget

BNN Bloomberg's Amanda Lang reacts to the 2023 federal budget and the federal government's key spending priorities.

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    1. @Rationalist411 If you don’t have a clue about the past EIGHT years of politics here in Canada, you aren’t worth educating

    2. @Abalister you mean the time when we come out of the 2008 crash with the best economy of the G7, now we’re sitting at 6th out of 7, you must be a Simpleton not to understand how inflation works

    1. @Tim Manto His motto, the budget will balance itself. The fact that he kept being elected shows democracy doesn’t work.

  1. Why do we even need a budget or a finance minister at all, if “the budget will balance itself”?

    1. @@PrettyPink🌸 I’m pretty sure his point is her criminal activity is catching up with her on that creepy face of hers.

    2. @Frank&Hotlips Which criminal activities. I want specific examples with the laws she broke for each instance.

  2. Let’s keep printing money to fix problems and pass the buck down to the next generation… Why fight the system… We didn’t invent it …

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