Here’s how the 2023 federal budget will affect you

Tax expert Tim Cestnick explains how the federal budget will impact affordability for food costs, housing and RESP savings.

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    1. @Photo Adventures 185, 800 for mp and 50, 000 per staff member. Bonuses for minister and PM positions

  1. How much does it cost to process all the different rebates? Why not just tax less and save paying for all the calculations to process rebates? It probably makes too much sense…

  2. Less cost for alcohol but more for food ?!? Trudeau needs to try and live on the average income in Canada and see if he can do it with a measly couple hundred dollars for a 1 TIME payment.

    1. No. That is the dishonest way it was presented. It is not ‘less cost for alcohol’, it is less of an increase than they claimed they were going to put on. Instead of +6%, they went +2%, not -2%

  3. Ok does anyone know for this “grocery rebate” GST credit will this count for If your getting GST from 2021 taxes or 2022?

  4. Excess government spending is literally what helped cause this inflation. This budget will result in more inflation not less. Please don’t fall for it.

  5. grocery rebate,of course the grocery chains know in their records who among their employees will get the rebate,then they’ll say “you have to spend that here or you’re fired”..I wouldn’t put it past them to try anyway.

  6. The 2023 federal budget will STILL NOT balance itself, and I’m sick of paying for it to be balanced magically.

  7. What we have is a government spending money trying to deficit fund prosperity.
    It’s interesting that these continuing deficits somewhat match the $68 Billion now required to service the interest payments on our record (now doubled) national debt.
    “Since March 2020, the federal government has spent or planned to spend $576 billion in new measures — but more than a third, $204.5 billion, of this spending has nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic according to an analysis by the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO)”.

  8. For the average farmer who pays tens of thousands in carbon tax the only thing that would have helped was dropping the carbon tax. These little hundred dollar bribes are of no use.

  9. It’s almost like these politicians are not interested in the well being of it’s citizens, and more interested in the things that benefit the “economy”, business, and banking. It’s like they are all the same thing.

    1. if the economy and business were doing well then we would see less taxes. Its more so that they only care about personal image.

  10. 46 billion dollars a year for interest alone and these geniuses want to add on more lord help the future generations

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