21 states have no flood disclosure laws. Here’s why it’s a problem

Florida and 20 other states do not have flood disclosure laws, which require home sellers to disclose past flooding or flood damage to potential buyers. CNN's Rene Marsh reports. #CNN #News


  1. I think it’s safe to assume that if you live in Florida there is a pretty good chance of flooding. πŸ€·β€β™‚πŸ€·β€β™‚

    1. @Keith Hoss That should just be a basic law,over here in Britain this sort thing sorted 40 years ago..? Pretty backward that this could happen in a supposedly 1 st world country..πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  2. Its not hard to pull up flood plain and surge maps for a given area. Everyone should do so before buying a property regardless of if the previous owners had reported flooding in the past. Took me about 10 seconds to pull up the maps for Reidsville GA to see the flood zones running off of Brazells and Thomas creek and another 10 seconds to pull up the hurricane surge zone maps provided by the government weather service.

    1. This is CNN audience we are talking about do you really think they have the common sense to figure anything out on their own

  3. According to the statue I read. In GA, the seller doesn’t have to disclose it but does have to answer honestly. Meaning, I don’t have to tell you the place tends to flood if you don’t ask about it. But if you ask, then I have to be truthful. Except if the question is not a violation of the Federal Fair Housing Act.

  4. I would think if you live in a state you would hear on a lot of rain forecasted at least in Michigan anyway they will tell you what counties are not going to be fairing too well or better yet ask the realtor the realtor they got a duty not to lie if you asked although they don’t have to tell you the truth if the rough is leaking but if you ask specifically does this rough leak and they don’t tell you the truth you can always backtrack on them and sue for that or you can sue because you’re in a flood zone and he lied about that
    But I will have to say that ought to be illegal I think if there’s problems with the property they should have to come out and say yes the roof does leak you’re going to have to fix it when you buy it or be careful watering too close to the house you’ll flood the basement whatever the case might be I think they should have to come right out and say this is prone to happen if

    1. Nah a judge would fucking laugh you out of court if you told them you lived on the coast and didn’t know it could flood

  5. All good points, however, if you are buying near a waterway, lowlands or arroyos, it’s not difficult to find out if you are in 100 year flood plain.

  6. Florida and 20 other states do not have flood disclosure laws, which require home sellers to disclose past flooding or flood damage to potential buyers.

  7. This is a shame, my state is one of the 21 states. I feel sorry for her getting stuck in a 30 yr mortgage. There should be a lemon law for houses like some states have for cars.

    All of this should be disclosed right upfront.

  8. Here’s an idea. Get organized & file class action lawsuits against these states for not passing such laws. The state should be legally accountable for damages & fraudulent sales of homes in flood prone areas, bc they do not legally require flood disclosure to the buyer. Let’s make some changes this country. Call it a legal revolution.

  9. you cannot win ,with disclosure your premiums AND your excess WILL increase massively,it has happened in my country ( NZ) already

  10. I checked out the FEMA flood map for our home area because there wasn’t one available with the county. Also, look at your proximity to the closest water ways and the watershed you are looking to buy in. Is your home on flat land? In a field or once a field? Is it below the level of the nearest road or above it? Is it downhill or uphill? There are so many questions you have to ask yourself. You can also do your own visual inspection of the base of structures. Flood-prone locations will show on the brick or siding of homes and buildings. Also, you could call your insurance provider and ask them if you should consider flood insurance on a home you are planning to buy. They can also look into it for you.

  11. That would have saved me thousands of dollars and I wasn’t even in a flood zone that has any chance of flooding again. FEMA finally took me out.

  12. Beware and do your own historic research on Google! Just type in the house address and type flooding Bingo you’ll find News history etc… Especially buying near rivers and Coastlines! In saying that our NZ city council is still letting apartments and houses being built along coastlines πŸ§πŸ˜”

  13. Ppl should demand more from their insurance company/agents.
    It is their job….to look after their customer!?!!!????

  14. Have to say as a European,this is so backward,like something from 40 years ago here..πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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