Hear Putin’s announcement about citizens in newly annexed regions

CNN international security editor Nick Paton Walsh reports on Vladimir Putin's speech announcing the annexation of four areas of Ukraine that the West denounced as illegal. #CNN #News


    1. There is a need for you cnn : Putin and Russians don’t care what you think or say about them! You are used to bla bla bla! They act. Successful 🙏❤️🇷🇺

  1. Vladimir Putin consulted with a fortune teller. He asked:
    “How long will I live?”
    The psychic replied: “I cannot tell that but I do know you will die on a Ukrainian holiday.”
    “Which holiday?” Putin asked.
    “Whichever day you die will be a Ukrainian holiday.”

    1. @Voorhees666Drummer American can afford more than a trillion dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a thousand lives. That is just a drop in the bucket of money for United States of America. It is better for them to donate a small amount than getting directly involved.

  2. Ukraine has stated that there will be no cease fire, no pause, no peace talks, no white flags, no mercy, and no quarter given to the invaders. Putin started this war, and now Ukraine will finish it.

    Slava Ukraini!!! 🇺🇦 🇺🇲

    1. No matter how trite it may sound, but (!) The Russian army is the strongest in the world, no one will ever be able to defeat it, not the United States, not the NATO.
      ➡️ „Русские долго запрягают, но быстро едут“

    1. Hmmmmm this seems like a minor skirmish if you talk about it historically. USSR died, the dead parts of the USSR attacked one another.

    1. @China Virus y would I be hurt im not a little man, why else would he be showing out like this? me n him are the same size bruh.

  3. “O God, I could be bound in a nutshell, and count myself a king of infinite space – were it not that I have bad dreams.” This timeless Shakespeare’s quote is very fitting in descripting Vladimir Putin.

    1. William Blake said it better and van Gogh even painted it when he did the inner cell of his own mind. Blake says that we view Eternity “from the narrow chinks of our own cavern.” Otherwise, All would appear Infinite.

  4. He can sign all the papers he wants, Russian law only applies to Russia.
    No other nation has said they would see annexed territories as Russian
    In fact, most countries, have openly said they would NEVER recognize these annexed territories.

    1. @Spring Bloom “This will no doubt shock you, but the countries that declared their independence 8 years ago and have fought neonazi death squads for it, don’t require anyone else’s approval of their decisions.” —– Nice to hear someone stating facts!!! – thank you 🙂— One small comment though: those 4 regions did not actually want to separate from Ukraine at that time, they only wanted more autonomy – e.g. permission to speak Russian language etc. Still they were labelled ‘Terrorists” and “Separatists”. At the beginning they did not go for complete independence as most western people believe. Ukraine only got itself to blame for treating the East Ukrainians like sub-humans and persecuting them like animals (Orcs). If you watch some of Zelensky’s recent speeches he refers to the people living in Donbass as: “some are people, some are creatures, some are animals”. When I first saw a report by the BBC, how a whole class of primary school kids were jumping up and down, shouting “Hang the Russians” and that being broadcasted on State TV, I was shocked to the core. I am glad that maybe those Donbass people have more protection now! Peace be with you Spring Bloom 🙂

    2. @Algerian monarchist
      توقف عن الكذب … لن تعترف بهذا الضم سوى الدول التي اعترفت بالقرم اي سوريا و أفغانستان و فنزويلا ..

    3. @James Street the results of this referendum were known to everyone even 9 years ago. The Kiev regime has been bombing Donbass and killing civilians for 9 years. And the residents of Donbass have been wanting to separate from Ukraine and join Russia since 2013.

  5. I don’t think he’s going to be able to hold on to these territories. If he believes the Ukrainians are going to set back and just allow this, he’s suffering from illusions of grandeur.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. For all his macho image, he’s really a shrimp. Wonder if that’s got something to do with him trying to add more dirt to the country. I’d say he’s compensating for a shortcoming.

    2. @TheCoinmancer have you ever been to a Russian restaurant? Have you eaten Russian food – pies, pancakes, dumplings, soups, sturgeon, pike, and many other dishes?

    1. @David James and what you don’t understand is Ukraine is the second poorest country in Europe and many wanted to be apart of Russia

  6. Russian toy soldiers: “Thank God we get to goose-step around here opening gilded doors, instead of having to go fight!”

  7. Remember that Nazi Germany annexed whole countries in its 6-year imperial march across Europe. Russia with its professional military has only been able to annex 15% of Ukraine after 7 months with over 50,000 dead, and even today they lost occupied territory. Next Ukrainians will take Lyman, crippling Russian supply lines in Luhansk and forcing thousands of Russian surrenders.
    Whilst they party with ceremony and pop concerts in Moscow, the war doesn’t stop for the Ukrainians. Slava Ukraini.

    1. You know the people in these regions are mostly ethnically Russian in the first place, it’s a shared border that was recently formed at the fall of the ussr. You could say they’re prisoners in a way because zelensky was nice enough to threaten that upon retaking the land anyone who voted for seperation would be prosecuted, which a majority wanted, like how somehow the Crimean referendum never was followed through on due to foreign influences so we know there is a precedent for Eastern Ukraine to have regions that democratically want seperation, and a precedent for meddling from people who have no say, or democratically lost a say in the results. Instead of condemning people voting we should have taken part and watched for issues like we do for any other country in similar scenarios.

    1. What you can’t understand is that in those territories live ethnic Russians and they have suffered enough from Ukrainians. They begged for years for help. None responded but the Russia with a dear price.

    2. @Che Black Those provinces have been utterly demolished by Russian artillery and rockets. Are you implying Russia bombed the same people they claim they’re saving? Also literally no one asked for help, ethnic Russians live all over Ukraine and ethnic Ukrainians live all over Russia. Whats your point?

    3. От чего защищаться? Спонсировать терроризм? Убивать русских? Устраивать геноцид?

  8. “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.” George Orwell might as well have been Putin’s speech writer.

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