Hurricane Ian barrels toward South Carolina

Storm system Ian has intensified to a Category 1 hurricane, and it’s expected to make landfall in South Carolina. The storm made landfall along the southwestern coast of Florida as a Category 4 hurricane Wednesday. #CNN #News


  1. the boats were not PUSHED onto dry land
    the water level was 12 feet higher, the boats floated to where they are now, and the water receded.

  2. Deadliest hurricane in US History

    Great Galveston Hurricane 1900 4 8000-12000
    Okeechobee Hurricane 1928 4 2500-3000
    Cheniere Caminada 1893 4 2000
    Hurricane Katrina 2005 3 1200

  3. This is the second comment I have made about CNN and I was listening to this new millennial person talk about different people like you know that have left CNN or have been fired you have great people on CNN really you do and I don’t know whether this is the new millennial or the whatever has happened with Donald Trump taking over and keep the people that you have they are really wonderful this is my opinion I observe so many things I’m a US merchant Marine and I listen and please think about what you’re doing dismantling this particular station thank you

  4. Wednesday morning, people in SW Florida were stuck for HOURS, in the equivalent of an EF3 tornado, but was 40 MILES WIDE!!

    1. Fellow American citizens got paper towels and criticizm about infrastructure 5 yrs ago. That Republican for profit private utility company was supposed to have upgraded power grid to quicker recovery. Didn’t happen. Hopefully getting better recovery efforts from others this time.

  5. That is the eastern edge of Battery Park on East Bay St.
    I’m a Charlestonian living/working super far away, and it’s been really scary watching this storm creeping towards the Lowcountry.
    Prayers to everyone in Chucktown, and also Florida/PR 🙏 ❤️

  6. I am in Columbia SC and isn’t bad here at all (not even storm condition’s honestly) but Charleston is very flood prone even with mild rainfall. The path has also shifted east so it wasn’t as bad as anticipated

  7. Hope Myrtle Beach folks o.k. Doged bullet many decades. Shoreline & estuaries overdeveloped with few regulations due to big business & political short term profits. Hopefully no loss of life in the long term consequences.

  8. Hypothetical question here and a mathematical question also.
    When 100 percent of the people are driving electric cars and repair trucks and a cat 4 hurricane hits that knocks out power to 2.5 million businesses and homes, How many people will not be driving?
    Remember an electrical charging station is considered a business that has no power.
    And how long might it take to charge a water logged repair man’s truck to fix power lines?

    1. If 100 percent of people were driving electric cars, many of them already wouldn’t be driving. California is finding that out now at 40%. The prospect of the government being you sole source of power for your transportation is terrifying IMHO

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