1. Ban everything, eh? Maybe we should all be forced to live in cages. Then we’d all be safe forever.

    2. @Elmer Fudd —
      No, I’m not! I’m only someone who’s been on the receiving end of a very brutal attack by an alcohol-fuelled individual.

  1. Jeep driver should get life time driving ban and ban from owning a car, so he won’t be able to drive without a license and without insurance. National registration should be established to regulate these drunk drivers.

    1. Or we could just ban all cars and forbid everyone from driving. Or at least ban assault style vehicles.

    2. @Yo Yo We should shutdown society and stay home untill the chance of a car accident reaches zero.

  2. Oh, Greater Toronto Area….not Grand Theft Auto. NPCs in both worlds drive so similar couldn’t tell which is which.

    1. Funny, though I love how you prairie folk hate GTA so much lol. Not saying GTA is amazing – far from it infact, but it isn’t the cause for all the ills.

    2. @John Cam just most of them ( and I live here). And it’s the GTA that keeps electing trudeau, by the way

  3. I know! Toronto is having problems, so the federal government should makes some new laws and regulations that take away privileges for Canadians across the country.

  4. Really sad how young drivers believe they are able drive while drunk. Key fobs could be the solution, ID’ing the driver and talking w/o slurs

  5. It’s all the touch screen as and too much technology in the cars making it unsafe. Add alcohol to that and it’s a recipe for disaster.

  6. *”MY* *GTA5* *GLITCH* *IS* *WHAT* *EVERYONE* *USES* *AM* *I* *RIGHT?”* 💥👍💯💪💥

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