30 years since legal fight to allow Ont. women to go topless 1

30 years since legal fight to allow Ont. women to go topless


It's been 30 years since Gwen Jacob began a legal battle that would end in the right for women to be topless in public.

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  1. So……. it’s okay if I walk up to a random woman and show her my dongle? Women are okay with that? I had no idea.

    1. @Wolfgang Lava they can both get ankle cancer too, what’s your point? You know that breast cancer is just cancer in the breasts, right? I hope you don’t think that breast cancer is different than other cancers. Cancer can manifest anywhere on the body.

    2. @David Wilson if the west is so backwards, why is the entire world risking their lives to get here? And why have they done so for decades?

  2. I’m against it. Women walking around topless in Canada? That’s ridiculous, Canada has winter 11 months out of the year. Well, that’s what I heard.

  3. 30 years of no one cares to do this
    Women said NO to walking around 1/2 naked

    Naked all the time only takes away from the
    Mystery + appreciation of the beauty of the human body

    1. no it actually changed the law so that it’s no longer criminal. There are local bylaws in some places but it was a huge change from potential criminal records and jail time to situational limits that only result at worst in a fine. And it wasn’t a stunt.

  4. In this entire time I have seen exactly zero free roaming boobs. So sad. When will the oppression stop?

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