Police break up 2,000-person party in Whitby, Ont.: 'Things got out of control' 1

Police break up 2,000-person party in Whitby, Ont.: ‘Things got out of control’


Police estimate at least 2,000 people were in attendance at a massive party in Whitby, Ont.

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    1. @Bruce Smith You mean factual information that shows, for example, that masks correlate with INCREASES in COVID case counts rather than decreases?

  1. I wonder if it’s some rich person connected to the Liberal Party that had an illegal fundraiser?

  2. As of June 12 the provincial gov’t suspended the “emergency act(?)”. But didn’t inform anyone.
    Even by “their own” Acts, Statutes & Rules “they can’t charge for virus related reasons. But all gov’ts are Not known for Honesty, Integrity, Accuracy or keeping “their” Oaths.

    1. @Primmakin Sofis as much as they are by causing a super spreader event and putting everyone a risk.

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