39 states reporting downward trends in new Covid-19 cases


    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD You should grow up before playing with politics. That way you learn how take a loss like an adult and won’t embarrass yourself all the time. Try it, it doesn’t hurt.

    2. @Mike Barry I mean, I don’t support Trump. But I’m smarter than you if you don’t realize that they are magically taking away Covid cases just because Biden is president now

    1. @Oracle Of Delphi One old guy let banksters go and expanded the wars. The other old guy incited an insurrection and committed negligent homicide, that makes us … the losers! Sung to the tune of Bobby Bare’s “The Winner.”

    2. @TheRadToast yes. “Whom” would have been appropriate had the poster kept the subject separate from the object and not made the people the subject.

    1. Actually it’s snow covering solar panels and no wind for the windmills producing no electricity. Must be the Polar Vortex Global Cooling Man made Climate Change where this year on the 3rd week of the 8th month, we will all be underwater because of that coal and oil we never got rid of. We just gave the loss of the Keystone Pipeline to a foreign country so now they can produce it and sell it to us. This is an existential threat. We need to force foreign countries to take the oil we produce in America to get rid of fossil fuels. We need to set up a system where we can buy carbon credits, even if it’s our own company.

  1. Just 3 days ago the new cases were 100,454, 999 deaths 800,345,211 now new cases 5,000 deaths 0 someone doesn’t know how mathematics work

    1. @TheYouNeverKnowShow How do you know it’s fake when you don’t have a knowledgeable frame of reference? Can’t conclude it’s fake unless you can prove it.

  2. It’s like magic . I’d like to thank healthcare workers and all frontline workers stay safe and arrivaderci

  3. That’s cause Biden is so amazing! So much of his brain power is being used to eradicate Covid that he still thinks he’s running for a Senate seat! Try harder, CNN…

  4. *Dr. Fauci:* Any PCR-positive with a CT over 35 is “just dead nucleotides, PERIOD.” – TWiV #641
    *ALSO Dr. Fauci:* Let’s keep testing everyone with the PCR-positive cutoff at 40 CT, guaranteeing massive false-positives!

    1. I hope I’m not the only other person who got this.
      P.S. The Dai Li is more like the Russians.
      The GOP are more like the Foggy Swamp Tribe.

    2. 😂😂. “It’s a long long way to ba sing se, but the girls in the city they look sooo prettaaayy” ~ Uncle Iroh 😂

  5. I’ll believe this after a month or two has passed especially with the vaccine not even halfway distributed. Like they’re going to just let some people get vaccinated but forget about the rest. 🙄

  6. The WHO revised testing guidelines on Biden’s inauguration day to reduce cases and make the vaccine appear effective.
    In addition, total tests have been on a downtrend for about three weeks, for the same reason. Admit you’re being conned before it’s too late.

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