1. Seems like he got himself into a sticky situation but he does look like the body double Moe szyslak from The Simpsons😆😂😂😂😆

    1. @OSU. 1 .BETTA. Acquited twice by whom and by how many? Majority including 7 Republicans voted to convict him. Only because of rulings he was acquited and their reason for acquiting him is because it is not constitutional in their eyes but no doubt Turmp is guilty. REPUBLICAN senate minority leader Mc Connell even declared so after voting to acquit and suggest Trump to be held liable in the court of law. Embarrassing. LOL!

    2. @XxPoopy_ headxX
      You’re right it wasn’t consistently applied to Trump. They took the words “Fight like hell” and argued it meant “Breach the Capitol and kill people”. 🤣👏. Not sure why you thought that was a rebuttal. Try again.

    1. the heros who turned away 20k Black residents telling them they dont need to be tested and told them to go home where they all died a slow covid death? those heros?

    2. @Noir Path when did this happen? not saying i dont believe you but the press only tell us little people about the wins.

    3. @Noir Path Covid isnt real. Or at least its overblown. 99% survival rate. Yet ppl that go to the hospital die within days after being put in a ventilator. They mix covid patients and non covid patients in the same room

    1. @Take It Skeeasy that’s how he always talks. Like he knows everything and dreads having to explain it. I get it, when everyone pats you on the back and you win awards you can start to lose touch with reality. I think he knows everyone is finally waking up to his bullshit. Except New Yorkers, they are brain dead.

    2. This is because he is 100% lying, and you can hear it in his cotton mouth I can hear his sticky saliva in his mouth as he talks. They talk like this b/c they think it gives them a position of power by speaking down to people and in general, they talk slower b/c they are always close to slipping up in the lies.

    1. @Fern Green its just a picture of some fat kid with really annoying cartoonish voice. Young Beetle is the N-Word.

    1. killer USPS mail carriers, 6 day a week delivery of covid according to cuomo, it had nothing to do with his mandate that medical personnel advised against at the time, listen to his facts, he will tell you its not his fault and there is no need for an investigation

    2. Trump Deblassio and this guy all complicit… Deblassio refused to shut down the city ..refused.. and his awful judgment costs 22k lives .. TRump 200k… all should burn in hell

    3. @Noir Path If Cuomo had sent patients to USS Mercy offshore, the deaths would be a fraction. He refused them mercy. Now be silent.

  2. Nice move blaming it on the for-profit nursing homes. I didn’t see they one coming. I guess that’s how he became governor

    1. @Noir Pathoh so it’s 200,000 now eh? What happened to the other 200,000? Oh that’s right they died under democrat governor’s so they don’t count right?

    2. check out when he say’s today that “its illegal” to subpoena or investigate him, a little past the hour mark on the “NBC New York” broadcast. he truly deserves the Emmy

    1. @Donna M whats crazy is trump sent him a hospital ship and set uo the javits center. My sister a nurse at NY Pres and was on this from the beginning.. he didn’t want Trump to get credit so he made apolitical call that cost lives.I don’t like trump but he the good guy here. I hope we can get cuomo out of there.

    2. @Donna M if you think trump didn’t do his job, then you are an idiot. Go back and look at what he did and what the left wanted him to do? You can thank him and o my him for having a vaccine right now

    3. @OSU. 1 .BETTA. Donald Dump down played the virus the whole time, even though he knew how deadly it was in January 2020! Who’s the liar now?!

    4. He won’t be held accountable because his democrat cult and media cartels have been aiding and abetting, he’ll get a week suspension without pay, that’s about it. He probably should give that Emmy back and cancel the book tour though, what inbred ‘thinktank’ awarded him an Emmy during a pandemic? It’s just so desperate. Sickening, very sickening.

    1. thats politics 101, get over the “my side is completely innocent” bullshit and I might consider you an intelligent person.

  3. He is absolutely disgusting! He needs to be locked up! Those poor elderly people died scared and alone because of this monster!

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