3M Canadians expected to be vaccinated in early 2021| COVID-19 1

3M Canadians expected to be vaccinated in early 2021| COVID-19


What impact will the early doses of vaccination have on the spread of the virus in Canada? Jens Von Bergmann, founder of MountainMath, weighs in.

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    1. @Shane Vogelgesang – Sure, the ones who want it yes. I know front line workers who are not in favour. The ones who want it should get it first.

    2. Politicians will offer to take it without hesitation and be vaccinated on camera.. what you won’t know about is there was nothing in the needle at all…ever watch a movie of someone being injected?

    3. @G C Well reasoned, from a frontline worker, to probably another one. Stay healthy and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  1. who cares what the founder of MountainMath thinks? how is it that they are even asking him questions? what is he an expert on? you’re being indoctrinated.

  2. Luetolin preventsthe virus from entering the cells. A freaking VITAMIN can prevent the coof and you want to jab everyone? Oh hell no.

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