1. She for sure has made a huge comeback after her original loss. Congrats Stacey. Getting Georgia back was huge .

    1. @Richards Family I’m sorry but on his watch he left the economy and ppls health a total mess. The same as George bush did too Obama. Facts I doubt republicans will ever win again. Seriously

    2. @Black Is black strong You can thank John Mccain for torpedoing the Healthcare Bill by being the single vote to take it down before he left this world. As far as the economy you have to be a hard-of-heart or a Liar not to acknowledge he created the most successful economy since WWII.

    3. @Black Is black strong Obama was by far the worst president we have ever had . civil war in sryia. Funding Isis. Recession. Obummercare. All his policies and executive orders were not good

    1. Your talking about corruption in the state of Georgia? Me personally I once drove through the state at night between two tractor trailers so their corrupt police wouldn’t steal my bike.

    1. @Mark Rodriguez Yes, quite easily. Have you done anything to look into it before you began drooling like a dog waiting for his treat? Abrams has all kinds of ethics problems. She doesnt reveal her sources for donations and amounts. Im not gonna hold your hand, look it up.

    2. @Doran Vee:who was your source? Fox News? Stacy Abrams is not a politician, ethics isn’t a problem for her,BTW Trump seriously lowered the ethics bar.
      As an organizer, she has no equal.

    1. @Cindy Criswell: I have news for you. Stacy Abrams is a God of democracy organizations like hers need to be started in every state. As for allegations of fraud,unlike Donald Trump,Stacy Abrams won her court cases and hundreds of thousands of Georgia voters were reinstated. Her vision has turned Georgia blue.

  2. No other American deserves more credit for Democrats controlling Washington right now. There’s only ONE thing to know about Abrams: she is a rare jewel to whom America owes a debt of heartfelt gratitude. Thank you Miss Stacey – we love you! 💙🇺🇸💙

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