7 Injured in Crash Along Lacovia Main Road in Jamaica | TVJ News - August 10 2021 1

7 Injured in Crash Along Lacovia Main Road in Jamaica | TVJ News – August 10 2021


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    1. Smh.. quick to talk foolishness about the police. They removed the bike before the police got there.

  1. The wild, dangerous and careless operation of these motor vehicles on our bad roads is unbelievable! But, a lot of these vehicles are un/under insured. And – most of the operators “BUY” their licenses too!
    Corruption, bad driving and gun violence are destroying our country.

    1. @Dwayne Oneil ride is to be carried or supported by something lightly and quickly to travel in such a way, in riding you need to balance yourself ( in case of bike you balance your body and bike by yourself,) while drive is to direct a vehicle powdered( in driving no need to balance your body you can sit easily and drive, used unu common sense, media can trick unu are some lame book unu read ,so that.mean.unu will say the girl drive the horse 😕

    2. @sunshine xoxo When a pillon on a bike that is driven 😕 I guess ur The ignorant person typing,lol

    3. @iquivalent badness You would think you have the good sense to research the use of phrase considering that several people have pointed out that you are incorrect. I suppose arguing with a stranger is what you prefer though.

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