7 Shot in West Kingston, Jamaica | It is a Rip Off says Councillor - May 21 2021 1

7 Shot in West Kingston, Jamaica | It is a Rip Off says Councillor – May 21 2021


Seven people were shot in the West Kingston Division in Jamaica on Thursday evening inclusive of two toddlers.

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  1. A pleasant good afternoon to you Giovani, and all the wonderful reporters. Have a splendid weekend!

  2. What’s going on in St Thomas is unconscionable! This is the sort of shenanigans that trickles down and leads to other crimes!!

  3. A big thanks and God’s blessings to everyone who played a part in securing a new home for that old lady. This should not have happened in the first place.

  4. Koo di bridge to nuh anyway give thanks for what they have been blessed with as it’s way better than before.

  5. Too much nasty ppl deh a Jamaica fr man but a next thing ppl nuh have no weh fi put garbage most times so the problem bigger than the ppl

  6. Omg that elderly lady that was absolutely deplorable conditions indeed. Can imagine living your last days like that glad she got the much needed help.

  7. this system is getting out of hand and there is noone to talk to 2 weeks ago I was going to work in my private car i have my tools in my car and the police take away my car in old harbour and send it to portmore pound so I have to go down town to do paper work

    1. So boss man,is it because you have tools in you car that the police take away your car?

  8. Too much corruption with this transport authority organization. They are working with the wrecker truck so they just take your car so you have to pay the fee.

  9. Hmmmmmm just a hope sehh TG and dem h twn good…see hw dem did a gwaan wen livity dem cone a road……….

  10. Sometimes I am afraid to listen to the news because of these brutal and unnecessary killings.

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