943,000 New Jobs Created In July According to Report

Former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers Austan Goolsbee discusses the new July jobs report and what he expects the effect of the Covid surge to be on future jobs numbers. 

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943,000 New Jobs Created In July According to Report


    1. @warpedjaffas1 The exact response I expected. Avoid avoid avoid, deflect deflect deflect. Democrats are, and always have been, the party of slavery and oppression of minorities. Democrat politicians routinely get on TV and Social Media and make comments like “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids” and “black and brown people are not bright enough to use the internet or get an ID so voter ID is racist” and “Georgias new voter integrity laws are Jim Crow on steroids” even though over a dozen democrat controlled states have MUCH stricter voting laws than Georgia. I could literally go on and on and on for days with racist democrat quotes but I’ll spare you the horror. As an added bonus Democrats also tend to give sexual predators Emmy Awards, convict republicans by media when accused of sexual assault instead of due process, but completely ignore and cover for democrats who are accused of sexual assault until all the facts are released. So basically due process for democrat sexual predators, but guilty by media for republican sexual predators.

    2. @Bruno Palermo …Puh-leez. You leftists are the ones locking in minority votes by handing out free stuff, a completely cynical and disingenuous mindset. You think ethnic minorities can’t possibly thrive w/o government largesse, a dehumanizing tactic. The left wants to keep minorities poor to keep your captive audience.

    1. @B. T., I’m 37 which probably does make me a “gramps” to most of you. I’m also an engineer in the automotive industry and I put many years into electrification. I got caught up in the Al Gore “Inconvenient Truth” and “What Happened to the Electric Car” which played a big part in my career choices. After years of engineering, I’m watching the entire movement crumble now. It’s not just because of covid, although that really hurt. It’s just because it isn’t feasible on a large scale. Which is the opposite of what you hear from the media. Biden is talking something like 50% electric by 2030, while us industry experts are currently dismantling everything electric.

      This is the real inconvenience truth: if you want to save the planet, don’t drive a vehicle weighing a ton to move your 180 lb. body. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Tesla or an 84 Ford. The only viable solution is in public transportation and Sketchers.

    2. @Super Scary Russian Bot
      What are you babbling about gramps?
      Atrocious sentence structure and somewhat acceptable punctuation.

    3. @B. T., oh! I thought you were interested in the automotive industry. I didn’t realize grammar is your thing. It is mine too! What are your suggestions about my sentence structure?

    4. @B. T., no suggestions? 😕 You got me excited when you were talking about sentence structure. I’m a grammar nerd.

      Yeah I am pretty bored. I married an 18 year old Philippine girl as Covid was breaking out. I flew out of the Philippines as the world was going into lockdown and I couldn’t bring her with me. We filed for her to come to America but it’s a really slow process. She normally keeps me entertained in the evenings via Line but her WiFi is out today.

    1. @warpedjaffas1 it doesnt matter if they pay it all in one lump sum at the end. Their reports will still show over a year of not paying. And nobody will rent to them. Especially any renters with nice places

    1. All these “jobs” are the jobs that were killed under the lockdowns. Biden didnt do jack but ride the natural bounce back of the economy. I like to say that we could have not had a president at all and all these jobs would still have been created. If not more bc inflation wouldn’t have spiked bc of bidens mulit trillion dollar bills.

    2. @D E
      Did you request this information when the former guy was in the Whitehouse
      The numbers come from the same source and not made up in the wh
      You sound disappointed the country is going so well – that’s not very patriotic

  1. There’s a big difference between 2020 Covid and Delta now: in 2020 people had no choice but to hide from the virus. That destroyed jobs. Now we have a choice. It’s laudable to try to save these deluded no-vaxxers, but we won’t stop the economy for them. This time they have a choice, and that changes our moral imperatives.

  2. Break down the job gain numbers by whether the state’s governor did or didn’t end the Unemployment Insurance benefit early, so we can see whether those governors were right or wrong. Also, break down the numbers by vaccination rates.

  3. great that there’s lots of talk too, not just about jobs opening up, but also that employers are finally seeing that they need to raise the pay for working people in a 21st century. Businesses have also been forced to respond in very creative ways.

    1. @The truth For now then maybe the workers should make better life decisions when it comes to what they’re going to do in life. There’s also inflation. People need to understand that if they want something better in life then they should just go and get it, nobody is going to hold your hand all through life. It’s not too expensive to start a business but society has indoctrinated people to just be content with being a worker.

    2. @JasonDrvmz considering most businesses fail in the first year I laud your ability to navigate through the many landmines you face. All I am asking for a living wage for a full weeks work. Government programs help those at the bottom. Many are single moms who have their hands full with children and a job. The bible talks about helping the working poor and the disabled non working person. That is not a bad ideal to strive for.

    3. @The truth For now I’ve been a business owner since 2016 and I’m doing well. The term “living wage” is subjective depending on a person’s liabilities (kids) and expenses. And while we’re on the subject of “single moms”, maybe those “single moms” should have first been on birth control and married before they had kids which are a financial burden. Secondly, they should have vetted the Men that they laid down with. There’s no accountability on the woman’s part when it comes to childbirth, a Man has no say so. Third, I don’t care what the Bible says because I’m not religious. If people want more out of life then they need to stop making bad decisions. If someone wants help then they better help themselves by whatever means.

    4. @JasonDrvmz You are smart. That is why you are successful. We can agree totally on people making bad decisions. It is a pandemic in America. Too many are in debt over their head. Too many want everything now and that is not the way you accumulate wealth.

    5. @The truth For now I try to explain to a lot of people that as long as they make a start then they already have a leg up. Wealth isn’t money, wealth is time and knowledge and access to it. It’s all mental. Notice how school doesn’t teach how do own something, it’s teaches people how to just be another cog in the wheel.


  5. republicans are always in power when a recession hits. Hoover, Reagan, Bush Jr., and now Trump.

    1. Any economist will tell you that the timing of each recession has little to do with who is president at the time. President’s don’t control the economy, though their “economic policy” can have a small effect of GDP growth (about 1-3%). And even then, it really isn’t THEIR policy as it also takes Congress to pass any changes in tax law or import/export treaties. Recessions happen about every 6-8 years regardless of who is president, though the time between recessions has been expanding over time. At the turn of the 20th century, recessions took place every other year. They now take place about every decade.
      Between 1900 and 1928 there was a recession every 1 year and 10 months.
      Between 1929 and 1949 there was a recession every 3 years and 8 months.
      Since 1950 there has been a recession every 5 years and 9 months.
      Since 1990 there has been a recession every 8 years.

    2. @Reason The only reason why jobs are growing is because Democrat governors of California and NY york and the mayor of Chicago have attentionly waited until biden takes his oath of office to reopen there huge economies………

      They tortured their own citizens with lockdowns just to make sure they hurt the Trump economy

      Now they are alll open……
      Giving Biden a boom that he did nothing to take credit for……..

    1. @Grim Affiliationsyou mentioned the term ‘conspiracy’
      the only reason Biden made it to the white house in the first place is because Americans believed all the conspiracies that the Liberal media kept pushing against president Trump his family and his administration…..

    2. @best proto Save that tinfoil hat BS for the MyCrackPipe Guy’s “Crank”…….
      They love that type of thing…….

    3. @best proto his horrible handling of the pandemic wasn’t a conspiracy. His tax cuts for the rich are t s conspiracy. Him using tax payer money tonhelp farmers bounce back from his idiotic trade wars isn’t s conspiracy. Using military money to pay for his dumb wall isn’t a conspiracy

    4. @Grim Affiliations Trump had a horrible handling of the pandemic? That’s the narrative if you watch CBS or CNN or MSNBC or…… you know the rest

    5. @best proto no, it’s objective reality. I know it’s difficult for your kind to criticize dear leader, but try to do a little research on your own 👍🏼

  6. Democrats are meanwhile adding record employment numbers, ramping up vaccinations, creating economic growth and lifting children out of poverty.

  7. Donnie $#!+$ Himself: “It’s going to go awy by Easter, like a miracle. It will go away when it gets hot outside”

  8. Remember when Trump said ‘the market will crash like you’ve never seen before’ if Joe Biden goes to the White House? One more Trump lie.

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