Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 6 | MSNBC 1

Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 6 | MSNBC


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Watch Morning Joe Highlights: August 6 | MSNBC


  1. President Biden cares for the health of every American, even the ones who despise him. This is a sign of wise leadership.

    1. Biden is 100% anti America 100% Anti American Biden only cares about how many little ones he can sniff in a day

    2. @Artie Chirr8ck TROLL..Take your 1 day old account over to Faux news to make your $ and foolish comments.

    1. @Mark Evans Isidra said should. That’s not a legal decision, it’s about DeSantis’ inability to govern per his oath.

  2. “I can tell you; in Florida parents will be in charge of that decision”

    Can we stop pretending this is about to whom the decision belongs to? You can see him joking and mocking CDC guidelines and promoting a sense of communion among those that decide not to follow them.

    1. republicans should be allowed to freely infect each other. What I think we should do is let the free market take over and allow the vaccine manufacturers start charging for shots and end the government paying hospital and burial expenses for those who die of covid. everyone wanting a shot has had time to get one.

    2. Here we go again with DeSantis pretenses. He wants residents of Florida to believe the vaccination is about government control over the individual free will. And alternately about immigrants crossing the border. Both of these points are fabrications. Florida is finally waking up to realizing it’s about saving lives.

    1. @Democrats are child molester supporters So sad If they are patriots then why did they get arrested? They were so calm and peaceful and never laid a hand, bat, pole, bear spray, taser, rams……on anybody. Have I got that right

    2. @Mr Rodgers Political Playtime
      Because DEEP STATE controls the prosecution of conservatives but protects liberals from prosecution.

    3. @Mr Rodgers Political Playtime I’m still trying to figure that one out myself when the cops were taking selfies and hanging out with our patriots… It wasn’t like they were the domestic terrorist group BLM that burned looted and murdered for over 200 days last summer

  3. This guy, DeSantis, where do these kind of people come from? How on earth do they get elected? How and why do they garner a following and please educate and enlighten me as to their popularity. Seriously, I do not get it!

    1. How did DeSantis get elected? Because racist voters in Florida didn’t want a Black man, Andrew Gillum, as governor. Just as racist voters in Georgia didn’t want a Black woman, Stacey Abrams, as governor, in the same year, 2018.
      How do they garner a following? Take racist white people in the Floridd retirees a Panhandle region, mix them with Bjble thumpers in Northeast Florida, well-heeled retirees in places like Naples and Palm Beach, and add rabid anti-Communist ex-Cubans in South Florida, and it’s not hard to get a following. Even a department store mannequin running as a Republican would get a following.
      Intelligence and management skills are not required to succeed as a right-wing politician if you’re Caucasian. Do you get it now?

    2. @Edward Riley actually you are right and it’s what’s happening all over, now I’m the dummy. Gerrymandering->control legislature->enact voter suppression laws -> win statewide election

    3. @HTSGOSU I could have swore my parents and teachers told me cheating was wrong. What do they teach republican kids

    1. I’m not a republican, dislike the GOP, but AOC and the likes of her on the far left are the most abhorrent segment of American politics

  4. *Republicans:* Shrieking about migrants and refugees spreading Covid all over the country.

    *Also Republicans:* Dismisses Covid as a flu with 99.9% survival rate, refuses to wear masks as a political statement and denounces the vaccines.

  5. Desantis is killing off his republican base. I wonder who will be left to pay taxes when the Delta hits worse. He had failed to protect Floridians.

    1. @terry harker where’s that news?? Breitbart? what subversive fb page or u just making it up like they do??

    2. does he not understand he can do both, how can he not understand the droplets are a factor? less in the air is better for all, easier to keep clean

    3. @EmilyB Bernard
      Numbers has absolutely NOTHING to do with the percentage of the population of the State. Blue States have much higher population densities than Red States
      A classic example? the population of Brooklyn NY is just under 3 times the population of the STATE of Alaska.

  6. Not going to Florida then !!!! To scary to take vacation there. Virus is all over the Florida State. No way Jose!!!!!!!!!!!! But every individual has his own decision. Its your choice.

  7. If you are a recovering crack addict you know all the lies that you told to get it and he’ll keep lying he just a crackhead liar just saying

  8. So he’s expecting president Biden to protect him, but he doesn’t want to do his job and protect his voters in his own state?

    1. The Chairman of NO LABELS, lol, I love it. Let’s be clear, we all know who started the name calling. The POTUS of all people started the name calling. That should have told us something from the get-go. I mean who calls another adult names?

    2. @Free Radt Biden said please get out of the way.Dicksantis started with the he doesnt remember who i am BS.

  9. Souldn’t individual school districts make up their own rules, according to his thinking? Can we say major contradiction? These politcions today twist themselves in such preztel shapes, that it should an Olympic sport?

  10. “Maybe you do not care much about the future of the Republican Party. You should. Conservatives will always be with us. If conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy.”
    ― David Frum

    This is what’s happening right now.

    1. Sadly the GOP has done it to itself. No platform and ethically absent when a criminal narcissist hijacks the party. They all knew who he was and spoke truth about him until they fell into bed with him. How many Republicans voted Democrat for President because of Trump?? Plenty! But GOP in Congress are too blind and self absorbed to see what they have done by following this lying grifting criminal who was a Democrat before he ran for President and had been buying off the likes of Bondi and Abbott to drop legal case over Trump University, etc and joked about it.


  12. Three men were seated around a table- a billionaire, a working man, and an immigrant. A plate with 100 cookies was placed in front of them. The billionaire took 99 cookies, then turned to the working man saying, ” That guy next to you wants to take your cookie.”

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