Sen. Tester: Reconciliation Package ‘Will Be Fully Paid for’

Sen. John Tester (D-Mont.) discusses the possibility of the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package and whether he thinks it will be that amount. 

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Sen. Tester: Reconciliation Package 'Will Be Fully Paid for'


  1. Good. Go for the big infrastructure package and go it alone if you have to. Get all 50 Democrats onboard and screw the Republicans.

  2. Maybe if the rich tax cheats pay their fair share, the bill can easily be paid for. The working class shouldn’t subidize the wealthy.

    1. *What makes you think the Rich get away with anything?*

      *the 1% Pay 40% of all the income taxes collected*

    2. Big business should be made to help subsidize government efforts for the next several years to protect it’s working class or Raise corporate tax rate.

    3. Amen! All American oligarchs must pay their fair share of taxes! Mercers, pay up! Kochs, pay up! The trumps, pay up.

  3. As someone from Montana, I am so proud that Tester is one of our senators. I think he’s done a good job of communicating what the Democratic party offers to rural voters which is objectively better than what Republicans have. That’s what people care about, themselves and so you have to push how these things are good for them.

    1. I’ve only lived in Montana 22 months, absolutely agree. The irony is, Republicans have no platform other than “Democrats bad”, a lot of constituents pay attention to that. That said, I lived in Idaho some 45 years before my move, what is happening there is pretty awful, I hope Montana voters pay attention before they sent even more crazies to Helena.

    2. @Christine King it has gotten severely more red in my time here. Used to be a very light reddish purple. Democrat governor for 16yrs, democratic congressmen (including Mansfield) but now all you have to say is “OOOOOH NANCY PELOSI” and the lemmings run to the polls to vote for people who think the earth is 6000 years old (Gianforte) or who are firmly in the pocket of special interests (also Gianforte but also Daines and most others) 🙁

    3. @Jacob Olness I was trying to be polite, lol, 2020 was my first Montana election, and I was horrified! I consider Gianforte a real danger, he would sell off public lands in a heartbeat. He is dishonest, has plenty of money and, as you mention, is a religious zealot. Montana is just a few years behind Idaho in moving toward fascism, all for those special interests.

    4. @Christine King I understand, I try to be somewhat diplomatic, I don’t give equal weight to all arguments but I do try to consider them.
      Gianforte is a nut, he personally funded a museum up in north east Montana that claims the earth is 6000 years old and that dinosaurs and people lived together.
      It is very concerning, been watching Idaho for awhile and I see it here as well. It has always been conservative but the Republican Party has journeyed so far from the median that it is becoming solely an extremist organization. So sad. I worry about the future of our nation.

    5. @Jacob Olness Oh yeah, Gianforte… I’m not betting our democracy survives, perhaps it will become like Orban’s Hungary (Tucker Carlson’s dream), which is essentially Putin’s kleptocracy. The 1% who run the former Republican Party know the enormous wealth to be gained, they are not going to let nonsense such as decency get in their way. Well, best to you fellow Montanan, we still have Big Jon!

  4. President Biden has always stood by the poor, sick and needy. He will definitely help those in need amidst a Pandemic or a Depression.

  5. John Tester is every bit a conservative Democrat as Joe Manchin.. but why does he come out sounding more sensible and more in line with his party ?
    It’s because he isn’t in the pockets of Corporate lobbyist, doesn’t attend Republican fundraisers and isn’t being called up by Exxon every week

  6. Poor Chucky gets flabbergasted as usual trying hard to dramatize a rift between progressive & moderate Democrats!

  7. The numbers indicate that this headline is not true. There is also the likelihood that Joe’s promised that taxes will not be increased for people earning under $400K. Buried in this proposal is a recommendation to increase the federal highway trust fund gasoline tax. If this is done Joe’s promise to Americans will be violated.

  8. Does the Senator clearly understand that America prints money? That the Fed has printed $6.5 billion every day for Wall St for the last two years? How did we “pay for” that?

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