96.1% of Covid Positive Patients at UWIH in Jamaica Unvaccinated | TVJ News - August 12 2021 1

96.1% of Covid Positive Patients at UWIH in Jamaica Unvaccinated | TVJ News – August 12 2021

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    1. @The Azrael The injection’s side effects and death numbers have already surpassed the virus’ s daily death rate at the peak of it all. And there’s been numerous evidence of people dying with the virus,or previously testing positive,but not dying of the virus,and still getting counted as a virus death. Even if they died in a violent manner but tested positive atleast 2 weeks before their death.

    2. @The Azrael excuse me but you must not have heard the amount of doctors and patient from India and around the world who are fully vaccinated yet this delta variant and covid took them out please do a little research

    3. The fear factor is making good reasoning into nonsense. These who dread dead haffie go dead no matter weh dem do.

    1. @You’ve been conditioned To view freedom as selfish sadly Jamaican are very gullible and headlines like these willl increase uptake they fail to mention how many died after taking it. Also every person having the therapy must have a negative Covid19 result that requirement was never adhere to.. so positive guinea pigs are unfortunately getting the vaxxxxxeen

    2. @Nadz ideaz Just hold the line till more side effects occur,and it will all be revealed to the unknowing. Simple as.

    1. The media dont have a mind of there own they going by what they heard American and Canadian president and priminister saying that’s sad.

  1. The number of unvaccinated patient with Covud is about right, you cannot vaccinate them while they are infected. The fact that they are not vaccinated I don’ t think that is why the percentage is high, remembet the vaccine do not prevent you from catching the virus. Jah know, I hate to comment about the vaccine.

  2. Why unno so quick to point out the vaccine status of the covid patients at UHWI and choose to be silent on the vaccine status of the nurse that died from Covid recently? May her soul RIP…

  3. Only way I take the vaccine is when two questions answer , what causes covid ? How covid come about . Because unuh find time fi find vaccine and still cah answer those two questions

  4. Once i sèe TVJ wit this Vaccine Propaganda, i aint watchin there clips….if u goin to bring News, bring News dat make sense, ppl sick of u ppl and this stupid Vaccine News kmt!

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