A Chatty Trump Is Making The Case Against His Company Worse 1

A Chatty Trump Is Making The Case Against His Company Worse


During his latest political rally, Trump seemed to acknowledge the tax fraud scheme Trump'ss company is accused of in the Manhattan DA's case. Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance joins to discuss.
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  1. All I can say is I drove a company car for years and every year I had to report it when I filed my taxes. It’s considered a benefit and compensation. I never had to pay additional tax for it but I had to report it. You can’t ignore the law and expect everyone to look the other way. It’s catching up to the Trumps. They were never above the law even though they conduct themselves like they are.

    1. I find it interesting that normal people immediately think about how this perk will affect their tax returns while the money people don’t. They are comfortable with the whole ‘ it’s only a crime if I get caught’ theory of life.

  2. The crowd could care less. NY state is taking notes. Trump sealing his own fate and the crowd is apathetic.

    1. @The truth For now we will learn Nancy was the mastermind of Jan 6th. Besides it was good cover so the media didnt report on the FBI files released that day on the investigation into her daddy Thomas D’Alasandro Jr’s mob ties and her brothers game rake charges. It’s on the FBI vault recently released website.

    2. @Drought Tolerant you will learn that Nancy ran for her life during the resurrection. You will learn that everyone arrested was a trump supporter. Over 500 and counting. You will learn that those arrested are blaming trump for inciting them to violence. You will learn that Nancy is leading the house hearings with Liz Cheney and the capitol cops as to the truth. Nancy the mastermind? Hardly. Your group always says”we will learn” when you have nothing. We never learn and your onto another conspiracy.

    3. @Sue Howie Here’s the thing, MSM frequently doesn’t cover stories they don’t want you to know about. It’s lying by omission, that’s proof enough. Just look at the scarce coverage of Joe Biden the least covered president in history. What are they hiding? It’s not what you think you but what they keep from you.

  3. ‘Better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt’ – yet another thing Trump hasn’t learned in 75 years of never reading a book.

    1. Hey he apparently read mein Kampf at least once and then kept it by his bed on his nightstand.

    2. @Nick Romo ha ha, I actually think this is true, I think all the fires that were started were his attempt to recreate the burning of the Reichstag.

  4. Ignorance of the Law is not a sustainable defense in the Court of Law. Donny, stop pretending you don’t know it’s fraud.

    1. NIETHER is Islam Vikings Babylon Africa Egypt and Islam Babylon Congo Africa Egypt who God fought and will destroy. Book of Enoch. Soon God will turn you blind

    2. The crowd knew he knew about his tax evading because he bragged about him being smart but they still follow him like a puppy follow an abusive owner.

    1. @Scahoni T A X F R A U D that’s a felony. A felony is a crime. Let me know if you need further information.

    1. @Kevin Turner never heard of going after the little guy first? Besides, Trump’s taxes weren’t in any investigation’s till now. Still an ongoing investigation too so buckle up buttercup.

    2. @Kevin Turner The charges against Weisselberg are not at all “weak”, in fact they’re very serious, and there is, apparently, ample documentary evidence. This is just the beginning, and as the investigation develops we will see the tentacles spread. If it makes you feel more comfortable to theorise that “.. they don’t have anything and are trying to save face.”, then make yourself comfortable, while you can.

  5. We have to pay taxes and a Trump employee doesn’t…….Sorry, I do not feel sorry for those people at all.

    1. I work i pay taxes never with held and reporting of any money i have never cheated the government never been asked by the irs for anything

  6. He’s got the right to remain silent, just not the ability. The more he blabs the deeper he gets. So keep yapping Don…

    1. Imagine what he’ll be like sitting in front of a jury. He will incriminate himself, his toupee, his tanning bed, his wife, his shoe rises, his sons, his daughters, his golf clubs, his buggy, his cola can and his burger wrapper and his backwards pants.
      Bless him!

    2. Did you see President Trumps news conference TODAY? Major announcement but will you media report on it?

  7. Claiming a lack of knowledge over your taxes, is like a killer saying he didn’t know the gun was loaded. Dealing with your taxes, like picking up a gun, if you have no knowledge, then you check it out first.

    1. Whats funny is he tried presenting it like his middle class crowd knows what tax evasion is like and has that in common.

    2. When in your mind your richer smarter and above laws then anyone else. Of course you brag about it. He does not care about his Company anyway he is still President in his mind.

  8. The corruption that Trump brought to his 4 year reign is only now being exposed, more will come, count on it…
    Presidential Immunity no longer applies…

    1. The kind where one half of the 2 party system fights tooth and nail to protect they’re furhur.

  9. I hope the “crowd” has the intelligence to understand that a President should know that EVERYONE has to pay taxes. But they’re so duped, it’s sad.

    1. @juan vicks Exactly, he is a rebel! Yet accuses the left of being the bad guys. Only he and the Republicans can get away with it, and point the finger at the other guy. He is so repulsive and degenerate.

    2. That crowd believes getting away with not paying taxes makes Dear Leader smart. Pathetic people.

    3. @Diane Rose Yeh, remember when the crowd adored superman? Now this crowd of his applauds the bad guy, the joker.

  10. Trump: I’m famous, so I should get away with any crime.

    Stupid MAGA hats: Derp…he’s right!

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