'A Complete Betrayal': January 6 Responders Not Willing To 'Just Move On' 1

‘A Complete Betrayal’: January 6 Responders Not Willing To ‘Just Move On’


Sgt. Aquilino Gonell of the U.S. Capitol Police talks about his frustration with Donald Trump and his political supporters who are trying to minimize and rewrite the history of the January 6 insurrection.
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  1. Republicans in congress want to “move on” from January 6th, because they helped plan the insurrection. Mo Brooks should have been arrested the same day.

    1. @Potter Charles “Party Narrative” name a voice in the GQP that’s disagreed with dump and has not been the target of anger and even had their lives threatened. Now the GQP want to cancel Liz and Adam. Only someone who’s as thick as two bricks would accuse/project on the Dem’s for what they are guilty of themselves.

    2. @Potter Charles That doesn’t make any sense. You just can’t take a quote from the 1930’s, and apply it to another group to fit your narrative.

    1. @berretta9mm1 I never voted in my life Ian A49 years old married house is paid for politicians are all liars trump is no different only worse I make my own way through life bottom line is a government cannot please all its people some win some lose that’s the way it always is capitalism is a failing system which is why I don’t vote

    2. However, Brad…
      By *not* actively participating in your own states governance (i.e., voting, attending townhall meetings, etc.), *you cancel out* your own opinion.
      So, if complaining on youtube is your acceptable substitute, well…

    3. @CynAnne1 I love complaining actually I have no complaints I’m not poisoned with politics and television or newspapers it’s amazing how free you feel when you discard all of the nonsense

  2. It’s like your house was set on fire and told to get over it. You still get to live in it. Even though the person is still trying to burn it the rest of the way.

    1. @NPC #1138 – Honorary Rooftop Korean ok China glad to know you are messing with the US election

    2. @NPC #1138 – Honorary Rooftop Korean where you create your account is listed on your profile. Your soul is lost and honestly feel sorrow for you.
      Why do you accept Chinese rule?

  3. It’s a shame it took this effort to award the medals after the disgusting betrayal by the Republicans who voted not to. Let’s pray all their constituents remember come their next elections. ….

    1. @kkarx What “peaceful crowd?” What planet do you live on? Have you watched ANY of the footage of the actual – real – riot?
      “Peaceful People?”
      Do you think police officers commit suicide after 6-7 hours of interacting with a “Peaceful Crowd?”
      They didn’t “incite violence” – they defended themselves against violence. Do you think the Gallows with the rope hanging from it was a prop? And the guy walking along its ample floor telling others to “Start making a list of names…” was JOKING?
      You need to look at some footage from the cop’s body cameras – IF you’re brave enough.

    2. @berretta9mm1 The crowd was perfectly peaceful until snowflake cops started to shoot flashbangs at them. No wonder MSNBC won’t show you. The officers either did not commit suicide because of the protest as MSNBC presents it or they were simply not fit for the job like this officer who was crying like a baby. The only two victims were two protesters. Ashli Babbit murdered by Capitol security and Rosanne Boyland murdered by Capitol police.

    3. @kkarx one of those died by being stomped by their fellow protesters, the other disobeyed direct orders to get out repeatedly. That was not a peaceful protest, but if that’s the lie you’re willing to stand by, you’re just a sheep.

    4. @Fou-Lu, The Dragon Emperor – %.
      *ALL* the MAGAs *had been instructed TO LEAVE the Capitol building BY police* on January 6th…their *VIOLENT refusals to obey DIRECT ORDERS* made them *ALL criminals* after that.

  4. Thank you for this reporting job tonight. We are sadly turning a corner here on January 6th. We cannot go back in time. It’s just heartbreaking! This officer was enduring something horrible on that day. At least, President Biden and various people from the Senate and House had words to remember that day! We are deeply appreciative of your national service. Thank you.

  5. They can’t move on from there so called “president” sending a mob after them. HORRIBLE
    DARK DAY IN American history when traitors stormed our Capitol.
    TREASON nothing less.

    1. @The Real American Patriot! – Febrile #45, however, has his crayon-illustrated advent calendar titled “Dayz Untill Me Prezident Again” sitting on his replica “Resolute Desk”…

    2. Don’t forget that Trump called them “Brave Patriots” around 5 pm on Jan 6th. How is it possible that he is not facing a firing squad ??

    3. @jonjdoe ik just like Those lunatic moronic Qanon people how ever the he’ll you say it

  6. They were waving the Confederate Battle flag in the Capitol Rotunda. They are the poster children for not moving on.

  7. The Republicans strategy: Keep the conversation at “Did it really happen?”, “Was it violent?”, “Was it an insurrection?”…. As long as that’s where the conversation stays they win. Time to move on, ignore those who dare question the violent insurrection for what it was and decide what to do about it.

    1. @N N I saw that he looked mortified behind that man with the gun drawn but yet “ they were just friendly tourists “ ?!

    1. @berretta9mm1 100% agree. My worry here is without voter protections and the elimination of gerrymandering, those on the right who do not care about democracy will destroy of system of government.

    2. @berretta9mm1 That Flynn brother in the military seems to be up to something. And why do they have Fox on as the default station at most military bases?

    1. When will there be an investigation of the officers who took selfies with the rioters and made no attempt to control them?

    2. Except for the sleeper agents among them, who opened doors, barricades and directed the insurgents ! ! ! Many are on tape. They should have been arrested first !

  8. Very powerful interview. Those who planned the insurrection must all pay the price. Trump on down.

    1. HEAVY fines, from top down. Trump claims to be a multi-billionaire, ….then fining him a billion $$’s shouldn’t be excessive. Same for Jr.

  9. Why should the officers want to “move on” after complete lawlessness has been unaccountable.

  10. God bless these officers for their valiant efforts that day, and every day! As an American citizen, I stand with you, and am not willing to ‘just move on’ either! THANK YOU for your brave efforts!

  11. With the same courage they showed defending the Capitol, these brave men and women continue to display the courage our elected leaders won’t by pushing for accountability. BRAVO!

    1. Those cops risked their lives – yet some of the people they protected are vilifying the brave cops. Incredible.

  12. The time to move on is after ALL the guilty people – not just the cannon fodder – have been justly penalised for what they did.

  13. This hero’s testimony is enough to indict any and everyone complicit in causing the attack on our democracy.

  14. Down playing what happened is suspicious of more than just loyalty to a party. All those Republicans need to be voted out, they are unfit and or a danger to our country.

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