'Everybody Has Work To Do': Red/Blue Vaccination Gap Obscures Need For Broad Covid Effort 1

‘Everybody Has Work To Do’: Red/Blue Vaccination Gap Obscures Need For Broad Covid Effort


Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, talks about how well the vaccines are performing against Covid-19 and what the U.S. can expect of the latest surge based on what other countries have experienced with the delta variant.
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    1. Problem is the virus will mutate in those unvaccinated dummies.
      And turn into something worse and resilient.

      They need to get vaccinated for everyones survival.

    2. Not the kids. Not the innocent people who don’t have a say and not the ones whose immune systems can’t handle it. Enough suffering. Everyone needs to pull it together and NOW.

    3. @Josef Sadly no, it would be natural selection, if it mostly hit those idiots *before* they got a chance to reproduce.

  1. I am glad I live in a place like Ontario where adults with single dose vaccination is close to 83% and 72% of those 12+ are fully vaccinated.

    1. @Super Scary Russian Bot Wait your wife is 18 years younger than you ? You’re also saying you had a kid with her at 12. You do realize what you’re saying right ? Did you mean to type she’s 29 ?

    2. My choice ………i could care less about a strangers health ………Hard Pass this is America …….i

    3. @DarkKnightTrinity, well it’s a long story. I met a girl in the Philippines six years ago. She was 23 and I was 31. It didn’t work out. After we split up, I continued to support her family as they are very poor and no one can get a job over there. Eventually, I started talking to a younger family member who had turned 18 just prior to pandemic lockdowns. We married in the Philippines in March of 2020. I was flying out as the worldwide lockdowns were beginning.

      Both children are adopted from the Philippines. My wife was a virgin when we married.

      It seems like a weird situation for Americans but it’s normal over there. The average age gap between foreigner and wife is 15 years. But most of the foreign husbands are in their 50’s.

    4. @DarkKnightTrinity, actually the family agreed for me to marry her at 14 when I split up with her sister because they needed me to continue supporting them for survival and they didn’t have an older girl. I didn’t because I thought it was wrong. I continued supporting them anyway and I didn’t date anyone else. I agreed to marry her at 16, but my western family wanted me to wait until she turned 18 and decide for herself then. So that’s what we ended up doing.

      I can’t say it’s right, but I had the choice of letting this family starve to find an older girl, becoming a saint and supporting the family indefinitely out of pure kindness which would never have lasted, or marrying a young girl. After I abandoned my western ways, I think I made the right decision. My wife is much better off with me than without. There’s many people starving over there now since covid has them on lockdown.

  2. I wonder what Greg Locke is gonna say when his unmasked, unvaccinated congregation just gradually disappears. 🤔🤨

    1. Which vaxx did you get?

      Pfizer or Moderna, or ???

      If you aren’t a liar that got a faked saline shot, (in case)

      then natural laws involving graphene oxides and spike proteins in small vessels, organs, heart and brain should deal with you within 3 years.

  3. Here in the Philippines my wife got her shot of J&J vaccine. I had my two shot Pfizer shots months ago. Now I can’t wait until my kids and other citizens in this area get their shots.

    1. Lmfao. You want a trophy or pat on the back don’t you. Did you wear a cape ? Wannabe superhero lmfao

    1. @Mayor EB Farnum

      Oh okay troll hahahahhhaha 🤪
      You guys make my day.
      Nothing funnier than stupidity

    2. Yes, back to normal except you have to now show papers to live your life, that’s really normal right??

    1. source? lowest vaccination rates and highest death rates are among Hispanics and African Americans. Are they typically Republican?

  4. Congratulations to GOP.
    Red states are dying faster.
    More GOP supporters reduced.
    Can GOP win? NO. NO. NO.

  5. I’ll say this again: tell your republicans they are not allowed to get the vaccine. They will show up in droves and demand a vaccine ASAP. Reversed psychology works!

    1. @RAZORBL879 Gauging by the immaturity of his comments, he’s not old enough to get the vaccine yet. Only those 12 and over can currently receive it.

  6. Finally thank you thank you thank you an intelligent person a Doctor Who has said many of us have thought all along put politics aside and follow the science and as we know science changes all the time if you have to wear a mask on Monday and not on Tuesday so be it Wednesday you may only have to wear it half the time but hopefully we will live to see the weekend many people say the mask is very uncomfortable and they can’t breathe
    For many of the people who have died I’m sure the lid on the coffin was very very uncomfortable and tragic for their family please let’s all be smart

  7. I have always had compassion for people, especially uninformed people, but even loving God allows people to suffer the consequences for their actions (Galatians 6:7-9). The problem is though that others usually also suffer (like children and those who for medical reasons cannot be vaccinated; but even they can wear a mask). Hospital, nursing home, school staff and funeral home employees, etc. should be required to be vaccinated and wear a mask — or be fired. I do not understand why there is so much concern for the anti-vaxxers. Many of them likely will die. My family members, who are all vaccinated, wear a mask and assume that any person they come in contact with probably is a carrier of COVID. We have been boycotting establishments that do not require mask-wearing by their employees and customers. We also do not follow the CDC guidelines. Our actions are more stringent than theirs. Our approach has worked and the CDC’s have not.

  8. Fun fact: There have been about 300K people hospitalized due to covid since all this started, with a 13.6% fatality rate once reaching the hospital. These are the CDC’s numbers. So how do we have a death toll of 600K nation wide? That 300K number is not published of course, you have to look at a weekly chart and add them up, but it can still be done (it is a rough estimate to be fair).

  9. they are doing what the Nazi’s did by creating a class system and turning neighbors against each other

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