1. My family never made excuses.. They wouldn’t open the door for us and we kicked it in and now they are working for us… If we can do EVERY black family can

    1. @1st Official culture is the difference….there I said it. There is a reason that Asian Americans are the most prosperous demographic in the country.

    2. @1st Official Alright let’s put that to the test shall we?
      What’s racist about mathematics? and what would anti racist mathematics look like exactly? Give me your educated non-childish explanation of that bunch of nonsense…

    3. @Fact checking the Woketards let’s stick to what I asked. Stop allowing your ignorance to have you make assumptions about my views on topics I never spoke to you about.

    4. @Ralph Sims you’re right, culture has a lot to do with it. The culture of racism and discrimination, that ignorant, racist and complacent white people sowed into the fabric of this country. That’s probably not the culture you were thinking of because, my guess is you believe the remixed version of the same old lies told about black people that has literally been part of the racist culture amongst many, not all white people in this country.

    5. @1st Official It’s something your side is preaching. I would gladly answer if roles were reversed as I believe in what I stand for.
      You don’t seem to have a clue..

  2. didn’t one of the BLM founders or whatever buy a multi million dollar home? If that’s possible, anything is. Stop being lazy by just blaming white people for your problems. If you need to however, make sure that it is profitable.

    1. @Ralph Sims I just noticed that I mistakenly directed my two previous comment to you it was meant for someone else, please disregard.

    2. @Grey Whiteman I like you keyboard thugs because when you don’t have an argument to stand on you resort to name calling. In person everyone knows you couldn’t bust a grape.

    3. @Mary Rufee We’ve met? That’s funny cause I’m 33…. 6’2…..270 pound farm boy who played hockey growing up… I’ve never lost a fist fight in my life lmfao I love grapes

    4. @Grey Whiteman Like the saying goes “the bigger they are
      the harder they fall.” I don’t back down from anyone especially a racist troll like yourself. Tell everybody at the trailer park I said hi and to take it easy on the opioids.

  3. MLK-“Nothing in this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

    1. What about the judging people through the content of there character and not the color of there skin

    2. Now they’re saying Judge Me by the color of my skin not my actions and everyone is fine with this

    3. Also, MLK fought for equality and not equity, which interestingly is what the Republicans nowadays want.

  4. Stop treating black Americans like they’re incompetent and incapable of striving for success the CNN narrative has done far worse for the black community than Trump ever will

    1. Agreed CNN isn’t in touch with reality just the narrative they push to divide the country

    2. There’s financial privilege and hardships with every race. It’s hard to watch this blatant patronizing racism right in our faces.

    1. I’m wondering if you actually watched the video. Definitely doesn’t seem like it. What about this is race baiting?

  5. I bet every single wealthy black person will agree that they worked hard to get where they are.

  6. Shout out to George Floyd on twelve months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it.

    1. @toy bonnie the bunny What did he do to be called a troll? He literally said the truth, but apparently it’s not the truth you want to hear…

  7. And one thing I am certain of is blacks cannot spend all their time fighting racism…

    … they have to spend their time being doctors or Engineers… or chefs… etc.

  8. I was quite interested in what the first guest had to say until I heard him talk about the Georgia voting law. He’s either woefully misinformed (ie didn’t actually read it or follow the recent news) or is willfully being misleading on that point. My interest is waning….

  9. My interest is gone… the interviewer clearly intentionally said “axe” instead of “ ask” 8:50 ish even though she’s clearly educated, is reading from a script and hasn’t used any other colloquialisms of that variety in the video. Big cringe moment.

  10. You should have a conversation about the racist mayor of Chicago but then you’d be real news.

  11. Welfare needs to be 2 years maximum for one child no others with mandatory job training during that 2 years. Then all benefits stop.

  12. Black people being less wealthy has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with motivation and culture. Sorry to hurt your feelings but, facts are facts.

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